Sunday, October 3, 2004


Yesterday was strange. Well, it felt that way. Actually it was a pretty normal day. Pat and I went out without Brook, that was the strange part. First, we go eat ribs at my brother-in-law's BBQ place. That reminded me of how much she liked ribs! That kid can eat 1/2 rack with no problem! Next, we went to the flea market. Everything we saw remnded us of Brook. Pat left a necklace to be repaired at the repair shop then we wandered about. I found a place that was selling bath salts and I had to get some. This lady sells it for $5 a pound. I bought Sandlewood which smells so good! She gave me 2 pounds of it for the price of 1 and threw in a bottle of lotion that smells of sandlewood too. I got a really good deal there! I also bought a candle at another shop . It is in a mason jar. The scent is Country Spice.  It has the hint of cloves and cinnamon and smells so good burning! $5 for that also. Speaking of smells, I need to get over to Motherearth's Cupboard and get me some of that potpourri. I found this site thru Ann's journal. So anyway we continue shopping and Pat spots a car and he just had to get it for Brook. We cannot go anywhere that he does get something for Brook! As we were leaving the store Pat spotted some swords and he had to stop and look at them! And as in most cases he bought one! The one he bought has a cobra on the handle. 


He has developed this thing about collecting swords. I suppose it is better than collecting girlfriends! LOL!

After we got home we got the horses out and Crystal has a bad place on the inside of her leg. It looks like there may be a couple of holes. (Not like a snake bite) It is swolloen and very painful for her. We doctored it up and will keep an eye on it. Hopefully we wil not have to call the vet out. I rode on Precious and she did good for me. She is catching on to the neck reining stuff.

Now today is a new day. I wonder what will happen? Well I am off to fix breakfast and then to church.

I hope everyone has a good day today. I know I plan on having one.


  1. Sounds like it was a good day.  I would have enjoyed buying those things. I love beautiful smells. Usually have an oil burner going here and try all sorts of different oils.  House smells lovely. I will have a look at that site called Motherearth's cupboard but I have a feeling they will not ship overseas.  I agree better collecting anything other than girlfriends. Take care and have a really good day.

  2. Glad you got out for a day date!!!lol I started to go to the flea-market today but knew I needed to wash clothes...ugh! I, too , love pretty scents! Hey, my daughter is 22 and I still miss her being with me when I go somewhere without her; and like you , everything reminds me of her too!Take care!!!

  3. Wow Celeste I can hear the lonliness in your voice already, Even though it prolly gives you alot of you time now, I know its eating your heart up being away from Brooke! The ribs sound so yummy!
    And yes swords are better than
    Hope crystal is ok, you mean you all have snakes and they bite your horses, OMG!

  4. Oh so you like flea markets too? Lots of fun. Paula

  5. Sorry that everything reminded you of Brook.
    Hope Crystal's leg is nothing and will soon be better.


  6. cool, not coll...heh!

  7. Love bath salts and candles. The sword is pretty coll looking. Hope your horse heals up well.


  8. Hang in there girlfriend! I know the transition must be very hard. It sounds like you got some great deals. Sandlewood bath salts & spice scented candles....YUM! Pat's sword is very cool! : )


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