Sunday, October 17, 2004

Good times

I have been having a good time this weekend. I am all alone right now so here I am writing in my journal. LOL

Yesterday was a day that a lot of people would have asked , "where is the fun?" I had a good time. I went and helped Pat put some glowplugs in a diesel engine. It took us about 4 hours to do. Pat said if I had not been there to help it would have taken him about 6-7 hours. I helped by removing a few bolts but mostly by getting the tools and handing him stuff. I tested the plugs with the oom meter and put the anti-sieze on them and helped put the valve covers back on. Afterwards we picked up some KFC to eat at home. I was glad to get home. we then watched some TV and played some games.

Today I went to church and then came home to spend a lazy day. LOL

Shortly after I got home Candi and her boyfriend came over along with his son. Pat had already gotten Crystal out to work on her feet. I am glad this man came over so he could help him. Crystal does not like to get shoed. normally we do not put shoes on our horses once the weather starts getting wet and cooler. The fields get muddy and it pulls the shoes off. That can bust up their feet bad. Crystal is going to have to wear shoes. She busted her front hoof bad this week. She cannot be rode for a while now because of that. Hopefully with the shoe on she will start healing. It will take about a year for her to heal. Her hooves and hair grows slow. If we are lucky Pat will be able to do some light riding in about a month.

We were going to ride the other horses . I got Precious out and brushed her down real good. Her mane and tail were full of cockleburrs! I worked on her mane and Pat did her tail. He lauged and made a funny comment and her tail that I will not repeat! LOL She has an oily tail. I have never seen another horse with an oily tail. It started sprinkling so we decided not to ride. what they did decide to do was give Belle a much needed bath!

That's Steve and Pat doing the waterhose dance. After that was over, Steve went home and I came inside to fix some hotdogs. I had some homemade chili in the fridge so we had that with the dogs. Stevie and Brook played a game of chess. Afterwards, Pat played with Stevie.

Now they are all gone. Pat and the kids went fishing and I stayed here all by myself! It is so quiet!

Anyway that is how my good times weekend is going. I hope you and yours are having a good one too!



  1. I love family weekends like that; our daughter's family comes almost every weekend because there's nothing for them to do in their townhouse.  However, the peace and quiet is nice when they leave!

  2. I understand your perfect week-end perfectly. Paula

  3. ROFL...looks like they're going to be all tied up if she keeps running around...

    Sammie  :)

  4. It sounds like a great weekend to me! I hope Crystal heals up quickly. TELL us what Pat said! I love a good dirty joke LOL! Hugs to you Celeste! ~Ann : )


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