Thursday, October 21, 2004


I am back from the hospital. Pat recieved 15 stitches in his head. He got a tetanus shot and was placed on antibiotics. They shaved part of his head. Poor guy, he was already getting real thin there. Does anybody know how to get blood out of car interior? There is blood all over his seats and seat belt. My baby bled a lot. His shirt and pants were soaked. I do not understand why the police did not call an ambulance last night. He said they did not even ask him how he was, just wanted to know what he did. All he did was defend hisself. Asked him if he had a gun. Well duh, if he had had a gun the other guys would have been there! Pat is an expert marksman. As it is there are 3 guys sure to be walking around hurting today. My Pat has very powerful arms. He built up  his arms by working on big trucks for years. He did not always have air guns available and computers to figure things out. He is not a tall man, maybe that is why they thought they had an advantage over him. They had to be shocked when they hit him in the back of the head and instead of falling he turned and knocked the guy back 10 feet onto his butt into the side of a dumpster. He got rushed but never went down. Just a few days before he had made a comment to me that he is afraid of what would happen if someone was to jumo him. He was afraid that he had lost too much of his power because of smoking. He has been quit for 7 months now! I am proud of him!.

I have to wake him up every 4 hours for the next 24 hours and for the next week I have to take him into hospital if he gets dizzy or weak on 1 or both sides. Sometimes a bleed will not show right away especially if there is a closed skull fracture. That scares me. I knew all of this that is why I was so insistance on him going to hospital.

That's it for now. Take care today.

By the way...Is it Friday the 13th????


  1. Poor Pat.  Fights are no fun. Especially when you get jumped.  Not an expert but I've had my scuffles.  As far as the blood goes try some club soda and cold water if it's fresh blood and for dried in try  looking at this site.

  2. Sorry about Pat, poor guy.
    About the blood. Try Hydrogen Peroxide. I works really good on Carpet and clothes

  3. I am so sorry about Pat!  I hope he let them have it! Did they lock up the gang?

    Go to the Dollar Tree ( one of those stores where everything is a dollar) or the family dollar store and get a bottle of the cleaner called:  AWESOME, this stuff works miricles, and I know it will get blood out, eveb dried blood....squirt it on the  blood and scrub with your is in a clear bottle with red writing on it...and a pump sprayer....
    stay close to Pat...I've had alot experience with concusions and bleeds, and you are right, sometimes they don't show up for a while.
    God bless...and thank God, it wasn't worse. People are so mean now days.

  4. Omg, Celeste I'm so sorry that Pat had something like that happen to him. Sending you both hugs. ~Ann

  5. Oh geez.  I can't believe the dang cops didn't at least ask if he was okay.  I know they have a job to do and they have to kind of suspect everyone until they find out what's going on, but you'd think they'd at least ask him if he was okay when he's bleeding everywhere.  Grrr.  I'm glad he's doing okay.  I'm sure it will all turn out fine with you to watch over him.  


  6. I was going to suggest lots of Hydrogen Peroxide too. Don't dilute it. The poor guy! I can't believe the police didn't call him an ambulance!


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