Saturday, October 23, 2004

Halloween memory

My most remembered Halloween memory was just a few years ago. My Mama loved Halloween. She did not decorate or dress up or anything like that. We would carve a pumpkin and place it on the porch, that’s it. What she liked was all the kids coming up to the door and handing out candy to them. She would ooo and ahhhh at all of the costumes and tell them how cute or scary they were. She always worried about running out of candy before we ran out of trick or treaters.

My Mama was in the hospital again. She had had a new pacemaker put in because the old one had moved out of place. She was worried about having candy if she got any trick or treaters. My sister kept telling her that no one will be here for any candy. I just went and got her some peppermints to give out or eat if she wanted. Mt mama loved her mints but she was a newly diagnosed diabetic and could not have sugar. No problem, I just went to about 3 stores and found some sugar free mints. She was so happy to get her mints and to have something to hand out. Then she started worrying about who was going to give out treats at the house. I told her I would be doing that because Amanda was taking Brook out.

Halloween came around and Brook went out. She was adorable if I do say so myself. I made her costume and did her makeup. After t and t was over we loaded up and headed to the hospital. Brook went up to mama’s door and knocked and called out trick or treat. I heard mama’s squeal of delight. I took pictures in spite of my mama telling me not to. I am so glad I did. This was my mama’s last Halloween. I am so glad that I was able to give her one last trick or treater.

I wrote this for  Judithheartsong Halloween essay  but I am late on entering it.


  1. How wonderful !!   What a truly precious memory !!!


  2. I love that story!  I'm glad you took the pics too.  What a great daughter you are.

    Sammie  :)

  3. Great entry Celeste! & Brook looks adorable! : )

  4. What a lovely story and photograph...... I am so glad you wrote!!!! judi

  5. This is a great story, Celeste!  Thanks for sharing it and the photo!


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