Monday, October 25, 2004

This and that.

I had a good day yesterday. Actually, I had a good weekend. I needed one after what all happened last week.

Sunday Candi and her boyfriend came over. . They played with the horses and I cooked dinner. I made chicken and rice with garlic mushroom sauce on it, green beans,corn on the cob, macaroini and cheese and I baked some whole wheat bread. LOL I had nothing left over. I am not used to cooking for 3 men.

Brook had TaeKwonDo today. She is preparing for her belt test on Thursday. She is going for her orange belt. I saw a big improvement today. She was trying so hard. She was so embarrassed today because she could not break a board using the ax kick. It was her first time trying to do it. She kept at it though. After class was over she went off by herself and was working on her kick. A girl with a red belt saw her and came over to help her. Master Lee came over to her with another board and she was able to break it that time. She was so happy. I was so proud of her. She stayed and did that on her own with no prompting from me. I had tears in my eyes. She came running up to me with her board and saw the tears and asked what was wrong. I just told her I had something in my eye. She then started practising her form. After we left I told her how proud I was of her. It is like overnight it came to her. I hope that she continues to grow with this. She is so glad to be taking her test. Not everyone who got their yellow when she did is taking the test. Master Lee is only letting the ones take it that he feels is ready for it.

Oh yes. I had kittens born again. Susie had 4 babies on Saturday. 2 are females, I can tell by their coloring. She had 2 tortise shell calicos, 1 black , and 1 orange.

Eyore is back again. He has been here all week. Brook rode him yesterday. I like that little donkey.

Pat is feeling better now except for one minor problem.... He is worried he will get a tumor now. He has some relly wild cockeyed  notions. He still believes some of those ridiculous ideas about things. It does cause a few problems in our life. He calls me miss know it all ( not very nicely sometimes). I have to bite my tongue more times than he realizes because he really hates to be corrected.

That was my weekend. Hope yours was well.


  1. The food you made sounds delicious! CONGRATS TO BROOK! WOOT!!! : )

  2. you actually make homemade bread??? WOW! CONGRATS TO BROOK !!! She is so cute....glad to know Pat is better! Take care!

  3. Oh Celeste you make me so hungry all the time...yummm i'm coming to your house.....Horray for Brooke, man she is gonna be a pro.....good luck on her test. and what a proud Granny you sound!!!!!! Oh and I want a kittie kittie...aweeee

  4. Wow! Brook can kick butt! (That donkey is adorable!)

  5. your family is lucky to have a good cook like you. I hope they appreciate you. Brook is sooo pretty and I love donkeys. Paula


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