Saturday, October 9, 2004


A friend of mine has a lot to say about how the government treats our elderly. Her entry is titled You Can Take the "CARE" out Of Medicare . I can understand her anger. My mother was one of the lucky ones, she had suppliment insurance with her Medicare. My brother was able to afford it for her. She still had to pay a couple hundred dollars a month on her medical bills. My husband's mother is not so lucky. She will not even go to the doctor anymore unless she goes to the hospital. She has chronic lung disease and heart problems. She got medicaid suppliment to her medicare but because of her daughter she lost it. (She is also a non-compliant patient. Takes her meds only if she "feels bad" instead on a schedule). Something needs to be done. The government is not taking care of the elderly. They do not truely realize what it means to not be able to get the treatment needed to live a nornal life. Our elected officals do not have that worry. WE pay for their medical expences what do they have to worry about?

You know that Medicare prescription card that they keep talking about? It can save you some money on a prescription. It saved my MIL a whole $25 off of her bill. Her bill was $250. She did not get all of her meds.

Each one of us knows someone in their family or have a friend or knows someone that has family or a friend in this same type of situation that my friend is in. I don't know what to do other than pray and write to my elected officals and demand some changes FOR THE GOOD!


  1. OH, CELESTE, bless your heart........thank you so much for will never know how much this means to me.....I have felt so alone in all this...thank you from the bottom of my heart....not only are the elderly hurting, but there are children that fall through the gaps ( both mine did) and my husband is only 50 years old, way to young to suffer like he does....I did not mention it in my journal, but Celeste..he also has rhuematoid arthritis, osteo sarthritis, ankylosing spondilitis ( where your bones actually fuse to different bones,causing a hellish pain)neuropothy in both arms and hands....he is on steroids, which is the only thing that stops the pain..(he was on vioxx, till he nearly died from internal bleeding) so GOD BLESS YOU  for caring ...I will always remember .

  2. This is a VERY bad proble, - I agree ! And our officals ARE so out of touch with reality its sickening !

  3. Yes that is so true, it sucks that these people the elderly have worked theier whole lives, hard hard labor , they raised good kids, and now they are thrown to the curb to take care of themselves on pathetic huh....keep writing to the government I have done this and I will continue.....!

  4. I know first had about the "discount" card.  Some discount.

    Here is a site to check out, it tells you how to get free meds (if you are poor enough -- and we all are right?


  5. I think you know how I feel about this!


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