Monday, October 8, 2007

yep it is

Well after a long wait in the ER we were finally seen. I am so glad that I had some pain medicine to give Brook before we left. Yes the bone is broken in the worse possible way. It is snapped clean into, separated, and displaced, meaning that it is not lined up. I have to get her into orthopedic today to determine what to do. No matter what, I know it will be extremely painful.

What a way to start your fall break from school.

She will not be taking the black belt test now. I have no idea when she will be able to get back to it. She is upset about that.


  1. Poor Brook has had more then her share of troubles. I know this is disappointing to her. I wish her the best. Paula

  2. Celeste
    Poor Brook.  At least she will be able to try for the black belt at a later date.  When the dust settles, let us know a little about how she came to have the bike accident.  Tell her we are all disappointed for her about her injury and the delay on her black belt quest.  Also let her know we will keep praying for a swift and as speedy as possible recovery.

  3. Poor Brook I am sorry to hear it is broken! OUCH!  Sorry about her black belt test too! I hope it heals quickly!

    ~make it a great day!~

  4. I know Brook is upset about not being able to take the test...and so so sorry she has this pain to go thru...she and you will be in my prayers for complete and perfect healing...hugs from KY...Ora

  5. Of course she's upset she can't take her black belt test.  Poor baby.  Hope she feels better real soon.  

  6. Poor Brook! Have you guys thought of wrapping her in bubble wrap??? Poor kid seems to have the worst luck.

  7. I'm sorry to hear that it is broke. Give her a hug and tell I hope she feels better

  8. OMG----I am so very sorry Brook is hurt....poor kid...I just know she must be so upset and disappointed that she will not be able to take the rest of the black belt test....please know she is in my prayers....
    Keep us updated!

  9. I can imagine how upset she is.  I know she's worked hard.  Poor sweetie.

    It sounds like a bad break.  I hope that there's something they can do to give her some relief.

  10. omg her heart must be broken too , not to mention all the pain she must be in.

  11. Poor Brook!  I am so sorry I am just now learning of this.  I hope it heals quickly.

  12. OMG, I'm so sorrry. I'll be reading to catch up, even if I'm not commenting. Margo


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