Sunday, October 14, 2007

Chit chat

Hey there.

Brook is doing pretty well. She sleeps a lot which is a good thing. Yesterday she went all day without asking for any pain medicine.

She is plenty disappointed about not taking her black belt test but is coming to terms with that. She is planning on taking the reading part of the test. that way she will only need to take 2 tests in the spring.

She is way bored but learning to do some things with her left hand. We go back to doc in a month and then maybe she will get to come out of the sling.

We went in halves on a brushcat. pat is out cutting the fields right now. Our tractor broke down so we are using Dee's bobcat to do the fields. Hopefully we can get some hay off of it next year. Part of the fields had a grove of yucky trees grow up in it. We tried clearing some off. We will need to use the dozer and just push it up in a pile and do a controled burn. Can't do that yet. We are under a fire burn due to the drought.

I did some clean up this morning in the garden so it can be cut also.

Well it is time to cook. I think everybody should be hungry now. I know I am.


  1. glad to hear shes doing ok

  2. Poor dear Brook.  But I'm thankful she made it without the meds for a day.  Must be a good sign.  -  Barbara

  3. We finally started getting some good rain.  2 1/2 inches yesterday

  4. We've gotten some rain finally but the waterways are still so low very low.  One town has lifted its water ban, but most still have them in effect.  We are on well water so we are okay.  Still we conserve.  Our official controlled burn season is January 15 through April 30.  

  5. I hope your sunday is a nice sunday!

    ~make it a great day!~

  6. It sounds like Brook is improving and adjusting.  I'm so glad to hear that.  It can't be easy.

  7. I`m glad to hear that Brook is improving Celeste, and is coping with not being able to take her test, she must be bitterly disappointed.

    Love Sandra xxxx

  8. I'm glad to hear Brook is doing well and that the pain is better.  I hope things continue to go well.

  9. She is one tough cookie.

    Now that we've had our first J-Land house guest my eyes turn to you and Brooke. Ever fancy a trip to the Bluegrass?


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