Thursday, October 4, 2007


I just got a call from the school. Brook has another headache. I am getting concerned about them. She is having them with increased frequency. She has an appointment coming up with the doctor for a physical. I think it is sinuses but you never know. There is a chance it is her eyes even though that has been checked out also. Eyes can change fast in kids.

I guess instead of pretty fall weather I am going to get the dreary kind. The clouds moved in yesterday with drizzles . The drizzles are not all day or even all over. Actually it seems to only be on the road, just enough drizzle to make em slick and dangerous. With any luck the dreary will pass and beautiful color will erupt all over.

I love October. This year it is a busy month. Brook is taking her black belt tests. Her mama is going to Dallas for a few days. School has their fall break next week. Friday is career day at school (Brook will be performing). Prater's Mill craft festival is next weekend. To top it off, Halloween is at the end of the month. Awwww, this is a good month.



  1. I love October, too. I think it's my favorite month. Hope Brook is ok. Maybe it's allergies. Keep up posted.

  2. It could be allergies or it could be the changing barometric pressure when storms move through.  That brings Lumpy horrible headaches.


  3. It's good to go to the doctor about her headaches.  I know I suffered sinus headaches quite often through school and my twenties.  When I had one seemed nothing would squash it except two aspirin and a good nap.  Gradually, I just started having them less and less.  Now, in my 40's, I only have a handful all year.  -  Barbara

  4. oh no!

    I hope it is just Brook's sinuses. My 13 yo has that problem, he gets headaches occasionally, but I still worry.

    I love October! OCT and NOV are my favorite 2 months....

  5. I am glad Brook has a concerned Grandma...and hope her headaches go away fast....and like you October is a pretty month...but we are still have temps in 80's...trees are turning but not sure if from the drougt or fall weather???  hugs..Ora

  6. Does she grind (or clench ) her teeth? You might want to check that...I have headaches from that and doctors never figured it was a dentist who did..


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