Tuesday, October 23, 2007

General stuff

My little sweetie has an eye problem right now. She came home from school today with a stye on her eye! OUCH! Poor thing could not tolerate the moist heat for very long on her eye. She will just have to live with it. Hopefully it will pop soon. So glad it is not pinkeye.

My TV is trying to go out on me. It makes a loud humming noise. It is only 2-3 years old! I was hoping it would last until we had to get a TV for digital signals in 2009. Well I am keeping this one until it is completely gone.

It rained most of the day today. We so need it. I hate that the winds came withh it  though. The leaves are all on the ground here. Looks like we have some more rain coming overnight too.

 It is soupy down at the barn. I will have to put waders on and open up a stall. Precious and Crystal decided that Spirit cannot get into the stall next to them. They get in the same stall all the time. They both went in the stall she was in and ran her out. She went in the other and they did it again. The third stall is one that they never would go in. It is a shorter stall.

I have not dealt with flies at all this summer. Now they are swarming in the house. I hate them!

The main black belt test is Friday. We will be going to it to cheer on our friends. I hope I can keep from crying.


  1. We were just discussing when that TV change is going to take place and now you told me 2009. We have some fairly new TV's and we're not going to like it, probably. lol Paula

  2. OUCH on the eye! That's gotta hurt. I hope it's better soon!
    I was wondering when the TV switch was happening.

  3. Amazing the things kids come home from school with.  There ought to be signs reading school is hazardous to your health.  Hugs to you and to Brook.  -  Barbara

  4. Poor Brook!  Those are so painful.  


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