Friday, October 5, 2007


I am tired. I have not done anything. I do not feel like doing anything. All I really want to do is veg out. At the same time, I do not want to do that. I want energy. I want to look at everything and be happy and glad that I can go get it done, whatever. I suppose I am a functional depressive. I do it even though all I want is to curl up and do nothing. PLease no suggestions of meds because I will not take them. I did once and it was horrible. I know what my problems are and I rarely air them here. I do have a blog where I do air them though.

Anyway. today was Career Day at Brook's school. It was a good day for the kids. they love it when they do not have school work! LOL. Brook and several other students preformed 7 shows today in 2 hours.  Me, I ran around the school gathering up goodies from everybody to give to the kids. I got stickers and more stickers, pencils, pens, flower seeds, frisbees, firehats, backpacks, sewing kits, toothbrushes, megaphones, ect. I love the seeds. They are the wildflowers that the DOT plants in the middle of the roads.

I am going to put this journal to bed tonight. I will feel better tomorrow.


  1. I was tired all day today, and my house shows it!

    I hope you feel better in the morning!

    ~make it a great day!~

  2. I haven't wanted to do anything either and I know its allergy or sinus. I don't like to take drugs either because sometime they make me feel worse. Hope your day will be better tomorrow. Paula

  3. Celeste
    I hope you find the energy you seek.  I feel the way you describe hear from time to time.  As the years pass, it is easier to just veg out and chalk it up to the aging process.  It sounded like a fun day at the school!

  4. I've had periods of feeling like that.  As far as energy, I never have as much energy as I'd like.  When I go on a horseback ride, I feel like I've done a days work when I'm done!

  5. sometimes it is good to just "veg" out...altho tomorrow we will have to work a bit harder....and you know yourself better than veg a a bit...whatever mood strikes you....God Bless...hugs Ora

  6. Do hope you're feeling a bit better.  

  7. I get this way too Celeste...It doesn't last too long though thank goodness! :-)
    Hope tomorrow is brighter!
    love ya,

  8. I hope you feel better today. I know how it can be.....believe me! But, I DO take some meds.

  9. You arent the only one who feels like that. I hope you found some good energy somewhere.....sometimes I WISH I could just not do anything and be okay w/ it but I cannot. I have to constantly be cleaning, cooking, straightening or some such crap.  I hate it....

    The Career Day sounded like fun! I enjoy going to those kids of things. It sounded like you stayed busy at it.

  10. hope your feeling better

  11. Hugs to you Celeste.  I often find my self just wanting to sleep, relax and goof off.  Not exactly depressed.  Just under the weather.....blah.  But most of the time my sense of "they need me" wins out.  If not I, who else?  But on rare occasion I tell them all, I'm going to bed, I'm not doing anything.  Fend for yourselves.  They honor that pretty much.  But then I have to pull double duty to catch up what they messed up.  Best to do it during hunting season, when they are all off at deer camp.  ;o)  -  Barbara

  12. Sorry I haven't been by in awhile.  I hope you are feeling better.



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