Monday, October 8, 2007


After calling around 48 different orthopaedic doctors from here to Atlanta I just about gave up. Finally I got ahold of the insurance company again. They said for me to get Brook's PCP to get an out of network referral. Lucky for me they were able to do so fairly quickly. Brook has an appointment tomorrow as the doctor was already gone for the day. I only have to drive 30 miles for this appointment.

I am able to keep her pain under fair control for now. I dread tomorrow. She will be in extreme pain if they fix it then.


  1. I`ve just caught up with your entries Celeste.  I`m so sorry to hear about Brook`s  accident, I do hope she isn`t in too much pain and she makes a quick recovery.

    Love Sandra xxxx

  2. Oh, I'm feelin' a lot of empathy for you and a lot of sad for Brook.  

  3. my thoughts are with you and Brook...know this will be a hard time for both of you....God Bless...hugs from Ora in KY

  4. It has to be awful anticipating what's to come.  My heart goes out to you both.

  5. Please let us know the outcome Celeste...I hope they can fix it without surgery. I know that baby is is real pain...I broke my colarbone when I was around thirteen or fourteen years old...Fell down my mama's front steps....They are alot of them and I think I hit everyone before I ended up on the ground and my collarbone broke. One of my brother's friends was there and he and my daddy came running out and picked me up...My brother's friend unknowingly picked me up by the shoulder of the broken collarbone and I passed out imediately, the pain was so horrible. I am praying for Brook...poor baby won't get to take her black belt test either and she has been working so hard for this...Please tell her I said that I admire her so much for always being so brave.
    love ya,
    Celeste try to get some rest ok??? I am worried about you too.

  6. omg I hope they give her something first.

  7. I am so sorry to hear about Brooks accident . I know this is so painful. My thoughts and  prayers are with Brook and with you also. '


  8. Glad you found a doctor and not too far away. Praying things go as well as possible without so much pain. Feel for you too. Paula

  9. Celeste
    Glad your doctor found you a referral close by.  I'll keep Brook in my thoughts today.  I hope this doctor can ease her pain immediately.

  10. glad you got a out of network referral! I get them for my back appointments!  CALL there beforre you get there to make sure they got it!

    ~make it a great day!~


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