Tuesday, October 16, 2007

a little bit of stuff

Brook went back to school yesterday. She did not have the worse fall break. A girl in her class is in the hospital from injuries she got from a car running her over. Poor child. She was in the yard helping her grandma do some work and a car went off the road and mowed her down. She has  a crushed pelvic and other injuries. It is unknown as to how long she will be in the hospital.

Brook has a science project to do. She has to make a 3D model of of the planets and the sun. Her science book is a new book yet it still lists Pluto as the 9th planet! I am glad. They can call it what they want now. IT IS A PLANET! Any ideas?

The fields look great. I will get a picture of them soon. We have another horse here now. Spirit is back with me. We went and brought her over here. We still have some grass in our pasture, she had none. She was feeling good when we released her. Started up on the bucking bronc routine. Kicking and bucking and running all over until she spotted he other 2. She then took off like a bullet to meet them It actaully went rather well. I was worried that there would be a big time fight. Spirit is happy enough to leave the status quo as it is.

Time to go. I need to get Brook to  school.


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  1. Well, it's nice that Brook is on the mend and back at school.  Personally -- I'll always call Pluto -- Pluto, 'cause I 'grew up on it'.  LOL

    Poor little classmate.  A few prayers her way too.  

  2. How odd... I just got the entry alert for this a few minutes ago! (10/18)

    Glad that Brook was well enough to go back to school... but the poor other girl! You know what they say.. No matter how bad things are going, if you look around someone is having it worst!

    About the Planet thing... Maybe she could do the planets as fruits based on their size relative to each other... I swear I've seen this done somewhere. I'll bet if you 'googled' it or typed in planets as fruit or something similar on ask.com you would find something.

  3. God bless that dear girl.  And thank God Brook is doing well and back to school!  I remember buying all the stryofoam balls and dowel rods for Bubba to do a mobile of the planets.  ;o)  -  Barbara
    P>S> In my book once a planet......always a planet.  Go Pluto!!


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