Monday, October 22, 2007



Brook took one of the test for her black belt Saturday. She passed. It was a reading test. Sort of a test on endurance and patience. To be honest I am shocked she passed! LOL I think he was a little bit lenient with the kids. The main test is this Friday. I am sure she will want to go.

It has rained today. Blessed rain. Once again we are under a total watering ban and burn ban. This time even businesses are effected by the water ban. This will hurt the nurseries and carpet mills. Somehow I bet that the carpet mills get all the water they want.

I think I am going to be seriously lonely this week. Brook will be with her mama all week.


  1. I'm glad she passed her test.
    It's raining here, too, and nice, steady rain.

  2. It rained here too this morning and finally a breath of cool air. Good for Brook. Paula

  3. so glad she passed.......CONGRATS BROOK.....I am sure she is thrilled.
    Thanks for sharing the good news!

  4. Well done to Brook for passing her test ~ and good luck to her for the main test on friday ~ glad you are getting some of that blessed rain hope more is on the way to you ~ Ally x

  5. I`m really pleased to hear that Brook has passed her test, she deserves it after all she`s been through. I hope she`s soon fully recovered and back in action again soon. :o)

    Love Sandra xxxx

  6. its rained two days in a row here!  After months and months of no rain, I am so happy it is cold and wet...

  7. We've had some rain over the last few weeks but not enough to make a dent.  Even the beaver pond out back is dried up!  Today we have strong gusting winds and all the beautiful leaves are pretty much on the ground now.  Oh well.  Winter is on its way.

    Glad Brook was able to pass the test!

  8. Congrats to Brook for passing that test! Good for her!


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