Wednesday, January 10, 2007

working out and stuff

I can move today. LOL I had my self defense exercise class last night. I have been attending faithfully every Tuesday and Friday since class started. After every class I have been so sore that I was not sure if I was going to go back but of course I did. Today I can move without pain. I am not sure if it is because we did not work as hard or I am getting used to it. I am working up a big sweat and I am tired after each class. It feels good! I will keep going for as long as they are free and I will go longer if it does not costs very much. I am enjoying it. I really helps me to be doing something with a group and having someone direct me. If it is left up to me I would sit on my wide rear end. The class has only had 2 members to show up every time. I am one of the 2. There are others. The class stays at 5-6 members everytime.I am learning to put power in my moves, to put my body weight behind each elbow and forearm punch. He is stressing to not be afraid to give it our all because the attacker is going to be doing all they can to get us. You know it really feels good knowing I CAN slam myself into someone with an elbow and move them. It felt really good doing that and knocking the man holding the pad backwards, over and over again. I am woman! Lookout! LOL

I need to get my walking in. I like walking in the morning but today is a bit cold. It is 28 degrees outside right now and just a bit cold. Katy, my walking partner cannot tolerate cold temperature because of her fibromyalgia. I may have to start walking without her. Maybe I will get 2 walks in on some days.

My daughter's cyst went down to a small size now and is not painful. With any luck it will not do that again and give her a chance to find some way to take care of it.

Brook is taking demo team boot camp on Fridays. She wants to get on the demo team again this year. She is working hard at it. This is a busy month for her with doing that and working on the talent show stuff.

Did you know that salsa has only 10 calories in 2 tablespoons? I love salsa! That with a handful of chips is only about 170 calories. Makes a good snack for me! I can salsa anything just about!

Today I will be baking a cake. It will be a butter cake withchocolate cream cheese icing. Tomorrow is Pat's birthday and that is his favorite cake. Lucky for me I am not all that fond of chocolate icing! I may send it to work with him just so we do not have the temptations around.

Pat has been having a bad time lately. His insurance does not start on his new job until March 1st. He ran out of his asthma medicine last week and there are no refills on it. Not only that it costs in the neighborhood of $300 a month for his medicine if you do not have insurance! He had an appointment for the doctor next week but that is so far away! His wheezing had gotten to the point where I was afraid that I was going to have to take him to hospital! I called the doctor back and explained that he does not have insurance coverage (the visit was going to be $95) and asked if he had any samples around that would help. Unfortunately he did not have any (darn flu season!) He did call in a prescription that was a bit cheaper and would last longer than a month! He said to call and make an appointment to get some testing done after his insurance starts back. After one day of being on the new medicine Pat is doing so much better. Maybe he will be able to make it thru this time.

He was getting frustrated with his new job and was thinking of trying to find another one. Yesterday he got a card in the mail from the company that was signed (not stamped) with the ceo's signature and a few other people. It also had his name written in it with Happy Birthday. It appeared to be in the same writing as the ceo's signature. Yea I know that a secretary could have written it but it really hit a spot with Pat. He worked at that other company for 20 years and never received a card and the owners and all worked in the same building with him and saw him every day.

Time to get busy. Pat will be up soon and he will be hungry. I will be back later.



  1. GOOD FOR YOU! You go, warrior woman!

  2. I am so glad that you are enjoying your class. It is something real good to know. Not to mention the exercise that you are getting. I am sure it is good to get out with other people too. I feel your pain on the insurance thing. We were not without insurance because John took out the cobra which was waaaaay too much. We were afraid that with our ages we would have trouble getting insurance if we let ours run out. Yes do send that cake to work. I couldn't help but eat some of it. LOL

  3. wow! you sound like your having a great time at the self defense exercize class. And, gaining some excellent skills in the process of working out.

    insurance is such a pain......

  4. I can not handle cold weather either...just hurts too bad...glad that you are able to handle the work out now...I am gonna try to start working out in the morning while Carlie is at school...might be able to get around better...take care and have a great day!  TerryAnn

  5. Good luck with the self-defence classes Celeste, it sounds like you are getting to be quite good at it. I do hope Pat stays well with his new meds.  As you probably know we don`t have to pay for medical care in the UK, so that`s one less worry for us when we are ill.

    Sandra xxxx

  6. The warm Winter we've had so far has me complaining when it gets down to even 40 degrees during the day.  How far away is Spring?


  7. I am impressed by your fortitude! You certanly are faithful, and I am sure you will lose weight and definitely toughening up! Hang in. Margo

  8. Your muscles are stronger now, and that is why you don't hurt so much :). You can also get out a lot of aggression doing self defense, so you probably feel all happy and calm or else wired up and excited when you leave, too! Good work!


  9. It's great that you can take that class.  I say do it and great for hanging in there.  I take the girls to tae kwon do 3 times a week, but my fibro keeps me from joining myself.  I do yoga stretches and some moves and that helps alot.  Blessings, Penny

  10. Celeste....You are doing great!!! I could not do what you are doing...if I did, I would not be able to move for a month! lol
    Glad to hear you got Pat some medicine for his asthma...that is dangerous....Try the health clinics too.....also Walmart has alot of meds on their generic lists now...for $4.00.
    love ya,

  11. Wow! I pity the man who trys to sell you cologne in Wal*Mart parking lot. Good for you girl. Paula

  12. This is why we need some kind of national health care. No one should be without their medicine for any reason at all. Mandy will be losing her insurance in about a month and we are worried sick about it.

    I loved martial arts. It felt good to move and hit things (mostly men) and I liked having someone motivate me...

  13. I am so glad and thankful that things are starting to look up for everyone in your family!!  -  BArbara


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