Monday, January 8, 2007

This week in history

The first modern circus was unveiled January 9, 1768 in London by Philip Astley. Astley was a former cavalry officer who performed himself in the circus that day, doing horse tricks. Other acts in the shows included dancing, fiddle playing, juggling, and acrobatics. Other instruments were added later, as were clown tricks. About the only animal attractions were horse tricks performed by Astley and others. The circus was not an immediate success but more of a curiosity. Nonetheless, word of mouth spread and people began to want more showings of Astley's circus.

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  1. Circuses sure turned into Big Business!


  2. I've heard of Astley's Amphitheater before.  Thank you for that bit of history about it.

  3. Interesting-I did't know a lot of this! Margo


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