Saturday, January 6, 2007

joe's benefit poster

joe's benefit poster :

This is a journal that will break your heart. Joe, the brother of one of our fellow journalers is dying of cancer. Gina is heart broken. Please rally around her in her time of need. Anyone that lives in or near the Cincinnati area please attend the benefit if you can.


  1. I have lived this nightmare. But it was my husband. This was an awful time in my life. We fought a good fight, but non the less lost. We had 5 years and by that time, his passing was a blessing. He suffered so. I will never understand this. Please know my thoughts and prayers are with these people. Each year is easier, but never too far from my thoughts. The day I was in such a funk, ( Thursday, Jan.4th.) would have been Pat's birthday. Try as I may, it is always a hard day for me. Thank-goodness I have John, and he having lost a spouse understands how I feel. All I can say to Gina is just be there now and love him and do all you can for him. This is one thing I did and I have no regrets, I gave it my all and he knew it and I think it made it easier on him having someone care so much for him til the end. Just have faith in the Lord, he is still in control.

  2. They are definately in need of our love, prayers, support.....anything we can offer!  -  Barbara

  3. I will offer up my prayers for Joe and his sister Gina. I can imagine what a heart breaker this must be. Paula

  4. I paid a visit today.  One other journal friend of mine also asked to support her. She's very lucky to have such good friends here.  

  5. Will be praying for them and will stop by..Have a good weekend!! TerryAnn

  6. I went and looked today , I am sending prayers.
    I am reminded everytime I see someone with cancer of why I am involved with all the benifits my relay for life team are doing for the American cancer society.
    Sometimes you get discouraged or just tired of selling candles and candybars and the trips and all, but then you are humbly kicked in the ass. god bless

  7. i am going to look at it now


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