Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Some stuff

The end of the old year and the beginning of the new year did not go smoothly. Pat and I decided to stay home. Before we did that we decided to go eat steak and shop at Walmart. I found some lights for the house at 75% off and I got some sweat pants. I also found a few things for summertime, goggles for Brook and a misting system to cool off in while outside. On our way home I realized that I had lost my phone. I knew where. It was in the dressing room at Walmart so we turned around and headed back there. We did make it home by 11:30, plenty of time to start the year in the right place with the right person! We saw a bit of Dick Clark. What a remarkable recovery he has had. At midnight we shared a wonderful kiss and opened up a bottle of bubbly (Welsh's Wild Berry). Shortly afterwards we went to bed.
Yesterday we went on our ride. No pictures. It was too cold to hold on to the camera! It never reached 50 and when you are moving in the open wind.....
After our ride we came home and I finished taking the tree down and putting up all the decorations in the closet. New year fresh start. The kids came over and we had our meal and played some pool. Brook stayed the night. She goes back to school tomorrow.
Tonight I start my class I am signed up for. I will be taking a month long self defense course. After this month is over who knows what I will do. This will give me the jump start I need on getting moving again. This weight has to come off of me.
 Okay time to go. Pat is up now and hungry!


  1. Good luck on your goal with your weight.  I am resolved to lose forty pounds myself in 2007.  I hope you enjoy the self defense class, sounds like a great way to get started on the wieght thing.  

  2. Glad you had a nice day....Hugs from KY...Ora

  3. sounds like your new years was a very good one. let's hope all year will be just as good.

  4. Sounds like any other day-good stuff combined with bad stuff-except the end of the evening which sounded great! Good luck with your class-sounds interesting.

    Hope your new year is indeed a good one, filled with interesting things to do, family events and real joy.


  5. I ne3ed to get my tree down and the decorations up soon...having the kids home is making things not so easy right now...LOL..hugs,TerryAnn

  6. Self defense classes are so much fun - I used to teach one. Always volunteer when the instructor needs someone - you learn much more that way :). It's GREAT exercise!


  7. Celeste I think those self defence classes will be great ~ and fun ~ I remember throwing my hubby over the top of the sofa on one occassion he was as surprised as I was as he was twice my size ~ and I am sure it will help you to lose weight ~ how sweet you shared a bottle of bubbly and a wonderful kiss ~ that sounds just so romantic ~ Have a Happy New Year to you all ~ Ally x

  8. I am starting my diet again.  We didn't do anything special for New Year's eve but kiss and since it was our first one together it made it EXTREMELY special.
    Looking forward to many more together.  It sounds as if you got some great deals at WM too.  I hope you got your cell phone back.


  9. Well, Happy New Year anyway!  


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