Monday, January 29, 2007

this and that

Yesterday was a full and slow day. First things first. Baby had to have her milk. She gets a half gallon twice a day. I also gave her some grain. As of right now she has not touched the grain. She is eating some hay. She will not approach the bucket if I am in the stall or looking at her. When I took her picture she could not see me because of the darkness outside.
The kids came over for dinner. I had country style steak with gravy, mashed potatoes, lima beans, corn on cob and homemade fresh  pineapple upside down cake. I started cooking and stuff just started being made. I had no plans to bake a cake but I just went with the flow of what my heart was doing.
Pat and I played some pool yesterday. He beat me. He is a really good player. He made a comment that he wished he could shoot like that with everyone. He does have a bit of low self esteem. I try to boost him up rather than pull him down. He has been pulled down enough. After years of listening to members of his family and at his ex job...... I guess in order to boost their own esteem up they have to tear down other people.
 I was moving real slow yesterday. I woke up and found I was down in my back. This is something that happens to me at least once a year for as many years as I can remember. I can remember as a kid waking up to a backache. I have a bit of a curved spine and sometimes it just hurts. Rest does not help it either. It just takes time. I do have to be careful because it makes me weak and when I am weak I can hurt it bad. I may mot be able to do my last class of self defense. It is tomorrow. Maybe I will be okay by then. Yep it stills hurts today. It may be a strain from pulling on the calf. LOL it is easier to work around the house than it is to sit here in a chair and type. Sitting hurts to get up.
Made pancakes for beakfast this morning. Only 1 for me. They ate a plateful though! Oh yea and some little smokies too. Brook is home from school today. She is coughing her little head off. No fever but she is spitting and sneezing blobs of think yellow mucus. I called and she goes to doctor this afternoon. Not taking a chance! No taekwondo for her tonight.
It is cold! Our temp got to 12 last night. Everything froze. I had to get to breaking ice on the water this morning. I will have to go out and do it again soon.. It has warmed up to 30 now at noon so maybe it will stay drinkable. until nightfall.
Time for me to unload dryer and reload dryer and washer. Got to keep water running so it won't freeze. May as well make use of the water instead of just letting it drain away.

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  1. You were busy Celeste and the upside down cake has made me feel real hungry for something sweet now LOL!! I too am trying to cut down on mals a little.Calf sounds to be doing well.If he eats some hay it's better than nothing I suppose.Sounds a little like myself I do not like peopel watching me eat haaaaa!!!Dinner sounded delicious too.The men always win at pool at my end of the pond.Sorry you are suffering with your back,it's a pain is that problem.I get it at times and liek you say on getting up it is realy painfull.Hope the weather improves have a lovely day.Pain free I hope.I will say a prayer it soon heals.Take Care God Bless.

  2. I hope your back feels better soon.  Your dinner sounds good.  Very yummy!  Stay warm!

  3. The cake sounds good.....and so did the pancakes....two things I cannot have...sheesh....but they sounded good...LOL...sorry Brooke is sick...hope she gets good is cold here in Lexington too...10 this morning when everyone left for school and work...and oh I do hope your back is better real quick...hugs from KY....Ora

  4. How nice too go with your heart in the kitchen. And the food sounds wonderful. I am sorry about your back and Brook's cough, Hope you both feel better soon! Margo

  5. That cold that's going around is very persistent.  I first caught it at the end of December, and I am STILL coughing up phlegm from time to time.

  6. Celeste
    I'm moving to your house, the food sounds absolutely fantastic!  Sorry Brook is suffering from a cold and also to hear about your back hurting.  We had a bit of a freeze even here in the southern part of the state last night.  We are all in for it again tonight.  We are dripping all the faucets on the docks, they tend to burst if we don't when it gets this cold at night.  Take care, hope your back gets better soon.

  7. i think my washers drain pipe is froze...oh joy

  8. I hope Brook gets over her fun being sickly.

    Cattle are odd creatures....simple but odd.

    I hope your heifer comes around for you, I think she will.

  9. Take care of your back, and I hope Brook gets better right away!


  10. Hope you all stay thawed out and are soon feeling better!  -  Barbara

  11. I sure hope you get to do your last class, this will mean you are better. Try to keep everyone warm. I am glad it is not that cold here.

  12. You fascinate me to no end.  I would love to meet you in person!


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