Tuesday, April 27, 2004


Today my granddaughter read a book to me as soon as she got home from school. She is in kindergarten. She was so happy because it was a book that she gets to keep. She loves books. I started reading to her in the hospital right after she was born. Everyday we read a book. Now she reads to me. She is proud because she is on the 100 word train at school. She thinks she only knows 100 words. LOL! She can read so many more words than that. I have to watch what I type in front of her now. She comes up behind me and start reading my IM's out loud! Yep she also knows chat ! Can't hide a thing from her if I wanted to!

I am thrilled that she loves to read. Books were the one thing that I knew I could always count on. I know that right now it is the excitement of being able to read what the words say. But soon I hope that she discovers the excitement of going to places that she will never go to in real life and live it in her mind. The journeys to King Arthur's court, Daniel Boone, the Gold Rush, deep underneath the seas with Nemo, outer space, romance and mysteries, all these and so much more awaits her. I hope that she expands her mind with new knowledge and please her eyes and her emotions with the senations of reading a book. I wish for her the joy of reading and losing herself in the book and laughing , crying , hurting, smiling, blushing , just what ever.

Reading, probally the greatest love of my life and I hope it will become hers.

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  1. mine too and i cant wait till my Granddaughter can read to me.....what a treasure...


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