Monday, April 19, 2004

I woke up this morning and I was hurting. i guess I had better go buy some new pillows. My neck and shoulder were froze up. I put some deep heat on it and a heating pad but it was not a lot of help. Pat rubbed it but the knot was so big that he could not get it to move. It has loosen up some but not enough. I will not be here much today if I do not get it loosened up more.

I had a beautiful evening. We went out to eat and it it really felt good to get out with my family.

LOL! Pat is chasing the kitten! Now the kitten is chasing him! It is so cute watching him play with the baby. You would think he was a kid the way he plays sometimes. Gotta go need caffine! Got to have my cup of hot tea.

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