Thursday, April 15, 2004

April 15th

Today is April 15th. I got up at 4:30 this morning, course I do that most days. Fixed a cup of hot tea  and some apple juice for honeypie. Gave him his pills which he hates to take. This is the end of the fourth week of him quitting smoking. He is doing good.  Finally got him off to work and then fixed Brook's lunch. She is going to the Railroad Musuem today and wanted to take her lunch. I fixed her sandwich and cut it with a cookie cutter shaped like an umbrella. That will surprise her. After I got her up and she got ready for school I read her a book about a dog that ran the Iditarod race. It caused me to tear up. The dog had so much heart. The name of it was Aliksa or something like that. After that on to the internet! Read a few mails and went to play Word Whomp Whackdown, like that game.

I wish that the ground would dry up. I want to get my garden in. It is a fairly big garden that I put in every year. I am hoping I find someone to till it up that has a tractor with a pull tiller. if not the next week I will start tilling it with my hand tiller. I love getting out there and working in my garden. It always makes me feel good.

Well I have to go now. Need to get to bank and Walmart. Cats are hungry!


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  1. I am so glad he has quit or gave up smoking. It's so bad for the health. :^( If you have any gardening tips to share I would love to read about them! You are off to a good start! :^)


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