Friday, April 30, 2004

I am mean

I am a mean Mamaw. I took away the puter and TV and had her write 100 times I will not steal.She told me I was mean and that she wanted to talk to her Papaw because he won't let me punish her. LOLOLOL. O boy did she find out differently!

Tomorrow is another day and so I bid you all goodnight.


  1. Tomorrow IS another day. And today is hopefully brighter.  

  2. Sounds like you have a handle on the punishment aspect. Good Job!


  3. Kids are so funny.  My 2 year old godson,whom I honestly believe is a genuis,told me that he didn't like me the other day because I wouldn't let him have ice cream for dinner. Plus,he's coming off his bottle and that's really hard. I feel like the meaniest lady on Earth sometimes.  To look into those little brown eyes and deny him what he wants.....oy. Here's the link to my page so you can see what I mean.  Stop by if you'd like.  

  4. To Funny, sometimes when trying to discipline my two year old I have to turn away so I don't crack up. Enjoy your little one.


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