Thursday, April 15, 2004

Back from Walmart

Well I got back from Walmart and what do I see but a white horse in my front yard. i had hoped that I had fixed the fence where she was getting out at but of cousre she found another place she could jump over. That horse is a jumping fool. I hate to say it but I guess we will have to sell her. If we cannot keep her at home then there is no reason to keep her. I do not want to keep her locked up in a stall all the time so I guess it is adios to her. She would not let me catch her to put her back in the field.

Utoh there she goes! Running across the back field.

Well by the time I got my shoes on and outside she is gone. I saw her running across the neighbor's field that lives behind us. He has male horses over there. they can't do anything except lie to her so I really don't see why she insists on going over there. I guess it is kind of like some people, they have to be with the stupid jerks they do nothing but lie to them, make promises that they cannot possibly keep.

Well Brook is home now. Scared me when she came in the door. She was home early. The bus got here 10 minutes early. I hate when that happens. I do not like for her to walk up that driveway without me. She said she had a good time on her field trip. Rode a train and hollared when they went through a tunnel! I wish I could have gone. I like going on the trips with the kids. I love seeing their reactions to new things. The look that comes to their face, eyes wide, mouth open, the finger pointing and whispers or shouts in some caes. I wish sometimes that I could see things once again as a child.

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