Tuesday, April 20, 2004

My friend Sebastian

Sebastian is my cat, my friend. He has been with me since I rescued him from the pound. Yes I said pound, not animal shelter. He was 3 weeks old and was about to be put down when I got him. He is 18 years old now. He has been through a lot with me and he has put me through a lot. I have many memories of him and I hope to make many more. He is aging now and it is starting to show. He has lost a lot of muscle tone now and a few teeth. His prefered activity is sleeping and eatting. Most all he wants all the loving he can get from you. If you are asleep and he's not , well your hand had better be under the covers because he will start rubbing his head on it.

I remember one time when he was about 5 years old, he fell out of the window. Now I know you are saying so? Well this cat had never been outside before and what do you think is the first thing he did? He climbed the biggest tree around! That's right a giant oak tree that was in our front yard. Well I could not get anybody to help get him out of the tree. one of the neighborhood kids climbed up in the tree but Sebastian climbed higher. He climbed so high that I knew the branch would break from his weight. he weighed 15 pounds! not fat just a big cat! He was there for 3 days, crying the most pitiful sound, then he stopped. I thought he was dead. An old boyfriend of my daughter heard about him and came over the day Sebastian stopped crying. He brought tree climbing gear with him and climbed up that tree and got Sebastian. This was one amazing guy. He was terrified of heights but fought his fear in order to save my cat. That is a special person.


  1. now that is one cute story to read early in the morning. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwe!

  2. I also have a cat that is 18 and she is sick for the first time in her life.  I am sure she will be ok though.

    Sorry to hear that Sebastian had to spend 3 days in a tree.

  3. aweee i love my kitties too...cute story


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