Saturday, April 21, 2007


Yikes!!!! I have to go to a mall today for Brook's talent competition and be there all day! I have not been to a mall in 15 years!


  1. you may find something there you like. I am sure the mall has changed some in 15 yrs. I sure hope Brook wins. Even if she does not win I know you all will have fun. We are having a big Flea Market down town today and the weather is beautiful. John and I will be off to it in a few

  2. OooooooooooHhh! The MALL!! for someone who loves being solitary, avoids people mostly, and loves living out in the boonies... I Looooooves me the Mall <LOL>!! I live 20 minutes from a fair sized one and 30 minutes from a smaller one and try to get to one or the other every month or so. We don't buy anything usually (unless I hit the camera store <g>), but we do like walking around and looking and getting a smoothie next door at Smoothie King!

    I bet you enjoy yourself... Let us know how Brook does. (I'll bet she does GREAT!)

  3. You haven't been to a mall in 15 years!?!?!?!?!?

    Inimaginable!  But, something to certainly strive for!

    I wish I could say the same.

  4. Going to the Mall is NOT in the top ten of things I like or would want to do....but you enjoy....may be quite an experience for you...and good luck to Brook in the talent go girl!!!!  Hugs from KY...Ora

  5. I am NOT a mall person!  I avoid them at all costs. Usually around Xmas is when I have to go.  Other than that, forget it.  You might have fun with your daughter though.  I hope she does good in the competition.  That's a good reason to go to the mall LOL!

  6. GET!  OUT!
    I am SUCH a mall rat!  LOL!
    Have a blast!

  7. Well shoot girl! You gotta get out more. lol I've been wanting to go back to get a foot massage right out by the food court. Good luck to Brook. Paula

  8. Lord have Mercy Celeste!!! lol But I can not say too much, cause the only place I shop is usually Wal-MArt@!
    love ya,
    ps....I hope you enjoy yourself!

  9. Well, looks like I am a lady of the world compared to you!  LOL  I know I went a few years ago.  In search of Easter shoes for Bugs thick feet.  -  Barbara

  10. Malls make me physically sick.  I haven't been inside of one for many months.  Eeeesh!!!


  11. I'm not quite that bad. I was at the mall once months and months ago. I go once or twice a year. Usually Christmas shopping (which is the absolute worst time to go by the way!) I have to go sometime soon to pick up some items I need for my upcoming wedding, and I feel the panic attacks coming already!


  12. good luck with it


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