Monday, April 23, 2007

the mall and stuff

I went to the mall Saturday and did not like it. I do not do good in a crowd of people anymore. At least not inside places. I did not panic but I did not like it. Maybe I will try again on a weekday and explore the shops when there is not so many people there.

The kids were great! Click the album above for bigger pictures. They had spent the last 2 months getting their routine down to 5 minutes. They were almost finished with it when they called time on them. Said that it was 3 minutes and that was it. This made me really mad because their was a boy that sang and he song lasted almost 8 minutes! Did not seem quite fair to me. I hate to say it but race may have come into the picture here. In the past it has never seemed to matter at these shows, time was called on anybody(@5 minutes). But after the Imus mess anything is possible. The MCs were white ass old people )according to SnoopDog) and the singer was a young black boy. He sure could sing(and not rap!)

Anyway enough on the rant. The kids were good and it appears as if the judge liked them. Between the dates of May 7th -13th I will be asking everybody to vote! This year they are having a people's choice award and we will need all my friends help! We will not learn until May 20th if they make it into the finals. They will be picking 10 of the best from each mall search and then narrow it down from that.

Got out and worked in the garden. I bought a new tiller! It is great! No more walking behind a tiller, this one can be pulled by the lawnmower or the tractor(if it was a lower tractor) Pat will have to make an extention bar for the tractor for it to work behind it. I will be borrowing a 4 wheeler to finish doing the garden. I will still be using the walk behind tiller. I just will not have to till up the whole garden with it!



  1. If they are going to call time on one, they really should call time on any who run over.  Hoping they do well and go far!  -  Barbara

  2. These are really great pictures!  I agree with you that they need to keep the time equal between all of the kids.  Not fair! I'm like you, I don't like malls.  I get very claustrophobic in them.

  3. Hey, that's great.  You'll love that tiller.

  4. glad you survived the mall trip!

    thats great the kids did well at their show....Im not suprised about the race thing, especially after the Imus thing-geesh!

    Nice tiller! I wish I had a big garden........

  5. kids seemed to be having a good time

  6. the pictures were wonderful...... just let me know where and when to vote...I will vote with bells
    my hunnie would love the tiller....
    take care

  7. Celeste Pictures are lovely ~ when you want us to vot just give us a link and I'll be there ~ for their time to be cut to 3 minutes is really bad ~ I would have been mad as well ~ the tiller sounds interesting hope it makes your work easier ~ Ally

  8. I'm sure the mall won't be quite as bad during the week.  With the talent search going on, it had to be mobbed.

    It's clear the kids had fun though.....

  9. Celeste
    Sorry they called time on the kids, but I'm glad to hear that the routine was great up to that point.  Congratulations on getting the new tiller.  That should make your work a lot easier this year and allow you to till a larger area if you want to.  Visions of fresh veggies dance in my head.

  10. Oh, you know I'll be voting!

  11. You are certainly a breath of fresh air in my life.  You go to a mall, that truly American icon of crass consumerism and greed and needless want and instant gratification and what are you most happy about?

    An earth tiller.  
    An earth tiller that needs an extension bar.  
    I love you!


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