Friday, April 27, 2007

dreadful day

Today has been a day I have been dreading for a long time. Today I went and picked up my new glasses. My new contacts are not in yet.

I can see clearer that is for sure. Theses are bifocals so that in itself is something I have to get used to. What is hard is my depth perception is off. That will straighten out with time. What will not straighten out is everything is curved like I am looking thru a fisheye lens. Another thing that will not change is the size of things. Nothing looks the same, everything is smaller. It is not actually smaller. Something that looks like it is 6 inches long is really closer to 8.  I have zero peripheral My computer screen is smaller and curved. I do not know if I will be able to do this. I have not choice, it is learn to live with it or go blind sooner.

I was walking thru the store and I just wanted to cry. I never thought that I would have to see things this way again. I had forgotten.



  1. aww gee sorry about all that trouble...we do so depend upon our eyesight don't we....I have tri focals...hated them in the beginning...still not a happy camper...but they work...hard to use on computer hope things adjust for you quickly...God Bless....Ora of KY

  2. oh no.  i am sorry to hear about all this.  i do hope you will get used to it soon, it is hard to get used to new took me a while.
    have a gret weekend

  3. I am an Optician, what your experiencing could be adaptation problems but your optician should be able to do some adjustments to the glasses that could make the adaptation easeir to bear.  Sometimes just changing the angle of the glasses will aleviate alot of what you are experiencing.  Sometimes new bifocal wearers cannot handle the full prescirption and need to ease into it.  If it does not get better for you in a week then ask your eye doctor to recheck you and maybe your presciption can be altered to make your new glasses more wearable.

  4. Celeste having read your last comment ~ they have given you some good advice ~ hope those specs can be rectifield ~ Ally x

  5. I just went through a year of difficulty with contacts trying to deal with my intense astigmatism and far sightedness.  I finally went, to monovision lenses (one near, one far) and it is dramatically better.  At night, I can't see worth a darn but I have an appointment to get glasses to wear over my contacts specifically for that.

    Maybe when you get your contacts, you'll be happy with those and the glasses can be strictly backup.

  6. I have had the bi-focals for a very long time...those are easy to get used far as the fisheye type of vision...there can be adjustments made so it is not so bothersome....I really hope it all evens out and that it helps your sight.....
    take care

  7. Oh sorry about your problem. I have never gotten use to my biofocals. I can see better out of the glasses I bought at the grocery store. I'm lucky I don't have to wear glasses to drive. Hope things get better for you. Paula

  8. I hope the contacts work out better for you!  I would so hate eye sight is getting bad and I am in need of getting something soon...hope that tomorrow is brighter for you!  Hugs,TerryAnn

  9. So, so sorry!  I hope the contacts are better for you.

  10. I feel your pain!  LOL!

  11. I am glad that you can see better--I need to go get glasses...I am not able to read most things now days


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