Friday, April 6, 2007


Brook is my granddaughter. She has a special place in my heart not just because she is my granddaughter but for many other reasons also. First of all she almost did not come to be. 18 months before her birth her mother was in a car accident. She was struck and drugged by a driverless car about 100-150 feet and was under the car when it came to a stop. I saw it happen. It was my car. I watched screaming as my baby was sucked under the car, as it rolled down the hill. I can hear her screams to this day. I watch as the car came to a stop with a bounce, on my baby girl. When I reached her side she was begging me to move the car. I knew that when the car was removed that several things could happen. One was death when the pressure was relieved. I held her hand the entire time. I would not let them separate us. She was lucky. She had an angel watching over her. One hip was broken in 8 places and her pubic bones were broken in 4 places. She had a third degree burn on her leg where the tailpipe had been resting on her leg. When they finally took her to surgery they wired her hip together. It needed to be replaced but because she was only 18 they would not do it. She still had an angel with her. 3 months after her surgery, the surgeon was arrested for drugs. Turns out he was on coke! When my daughter told me she was pregnant, I was so happy and scared and jealous. Happy because I was going to be a grandmother, scared because I did not know if she would be able to carry the baby, jealous because I wanted another baby of my own so bad!

Due to some very bad choices that my daughter made in her life, when Brook was 2 years old I because her parent. I was the one to hold her when she cried so hard that she would get sick when we would go see her mama. I became Santa and the Easter bunny and the Tooth fairy. I was the one that taught her to read. I became classroom mom. I went on every field trip. I was there for every activity in school. I was every thing.

Now her mama is back. Brook is living there and for so long it felt like my heart was ripped out. No longer do I have a little body(that is not fur covered) climb in bed with me and snuggle. My life centered around her. It still hurts when she leaves here.

If Brook is sick, she stays with me. That is where she wants to be. I am worried about hertonight. She has discovered a hard lump in her neck that is painful. I will be calling the doctor Monday unless there is a dramic increase in size over the weekend.


  1. You are lucky to have had the closeness with Brook. Most grandparents don't become that close.  I certainly hope that the lump is nothing serious.
    Hope you and your family have a very blessed Easter.

  2. Reaching out through the cyber void and giving you a hug for being a mom to someone who needed one badly.  Also sending good vibes to Brook and hoping this 'pain in the neck' is nothing serious.


  3. Oh my friend, you, Brook and all of your family are in my prayers.

  4. I know your worried Brook will be in my prayers.

  5. hestiahomeschoolApril 8, 2007 at 6:22 PM

    Usually it is an inflamed lymph node, a sign that she is fighting off an infection. I get them a lot. They can be very painful! Poor baby.  I had a very loving close relationship with my grandmother. I loved her much more than my mother and I still miss her so much that it hurts and she died in 1990.
    love, Kas

    Lead me from death to life,
    from falsehood to truth.
    Lead me from despair to hope,
    from fear to trust.
    Lead me from hate to love,
    from war to peace.
    Let peace fill my heart,
    my world, my universe.

  6. Your Brook will be in my thoughts!

  7. Sad touching story.  I have not been to your journal before but I remember seeing your screen name.  I just got broadband so I can get around a lot faster.  Gerry  


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