Thursday, April 5, 2007

it is back again

Winter is back again. This weekend the temperatures are supposed to get down into the lower 20's!  Once again I will not get any peaches from my peach trees. They are covered with pea sized peaches. They cannot tolerate the freezes. Warm weather is not expected back until sometime next week. All week I have had the windows open and the fan on, now windows have to be shut and the heat turned on! It has finally reached 39 degrees. It is supposed to get to 50 today. The wind is really blowing and that is making it so much colder!

Yesterday was carpet cleaning day. I cleaned the carpet in the hallway . It seems to get a lot of dirt tracked thru there. Also my old cat had a few accidents that needed deep cleanup. I hate that part. He goes outside but sometimes he does not make it. He will not use a litter box. He developed a UTI once and has refused to use one since.

I need to find a place for Susie to have her babies. She explored a drawer on my dresser last night. That is not where I want them born! Of course any place I pick will not suit her. She will have them anywhere she pleases!

Brook has been here with me all week. She is on Spring break from school. She is not testing for her second red belt this month. Master Lee told her she needed to work on her kicking. She is training hard for another talent show coming up on the 21st. She and the other members of the demo team are going to try out in a talent search. Depending on how they place determines how far they go. They can go on to the national competition and/or perform at the Riverbend this year or get eliminated right away.

Horses in heat are not nice animals! Crystal has been a pain in the butt lately! there is a stud up the road and she knows it! Well she went into heat and tore thru the fence and headed up there. She did not get caught by the stud yet!. I had to do fence repair with lots of weed whacking and briar removal and replaced all the fence on the back line where she went thru. Precious followed of course. She does not allow Crystal to go anywhere without her. Oh yea, the goat went too. We did not even know the horses were out. We were on our way into town to run an errand when I saw a new horse in my neighbor field. Right away I noticed a goat following behind. What went thru my mind was , oh they got a new horse and a goat too. The a lightbulb exploded and I reached over and popped Pat on the arm. I told him that that was our horse! He stopped and backed up and sure enough there they were! We head back home and get the halters and ropes and went back to get them. We managed to catch them with no problem then Pat started leading them back home. Precious was hollering the whole time and Crystal was trying to pull loose. Not sure if Precious was saying come on big boy and I will kick your butt or if it was actually bringing her into heat! She has not cycled in quite a few years. pat walked them halfway and then I walked them the rest of the way. We locked Crystal up in the barn and headed to town where I bought some more wire for fencing. We expected Crystal to have knocked the barn down but luckily she stayed in her stall. There has been no more incidents since that happened on Tuesday. I think I will have to let Crystal breed next cycle. Pat is wanting another baby from her. That stud is beautiful. He is a blue roan and gentle with the mares. We have watched him perform.

Hump day is over and the countdown to Sunday has begun. Dinner for 10 at my house and I am the cook! LOL There may be 12 for dinner so I have to plan accordingly. Anyone else coming? It is at 1:30 so come on and bring a dish!


  1. Wow it's cold there!  You sure keep busy with your animals! I love your stories.  
    I sure wish I could come for Easter. It would be fun!

  2. Happy fence mending....LOL...and sorry cannot make your dinner Sunday....would really enjoy it I bet.....and yes it is cold colder coldest here in KY also....and this morning we had a spitting snow....for about fifteen minutes...awesome LOL...but glad it is over it out of its system you might say...LOL...hugs to all...and Happy Easter time....Ora of KY

  3. Its gotten cold in Oklahoma too-yuck. I had to bring in all my plants. Mares-no thnx! they can be a royal pain when they come in.......

  4. I can only imagine what a horse in heat is like.  My gods, when my cat was in heat she was INTOLERABLE!  A thousand pound animal with hooves must be a real treat, lol!

  5. ally123130585918April 5, 2007 at 1:34 PM

    Celeste we have had a beautiful warm and sunny day here today ~ so maybe Spring has arrived ~ hope your warm weather comes back soon ~ lol at Susie exploring a drawer in your dresser I always thought they picked the bottom of a wardrobe ours always did :o) ~ Don't think I would want to deal with your horses but I thought it funny both horses and the goat decided to go out together ~ but glad you saw them and took them back home ~ Ally

  6. dogs drive us crazy when they are in heat...I cannot even imagine horses....GOOD LUCK with your dinner...sounds like a good time.
    I hope you all stay warm....

  7. thegirlnexdoor77April 5, 2007 at 2:08 PM

    Can you believe it is spitting snow here...but my grand ma always said there has to be an Easter storm then everying turns pretty and green...hugs,TerryAnn

  8. The weather seems out of control everywhere one day sunny next day bitter,Luckily it has been realy sunny and nice here in my part of England the last few days.I was ROFL at two horses and a goat off on there travels for a bit of excitment LOL.I am happy you caught them both.Shame about your peach trees.The cat will find her own comfortable spot even if it is the bottom drawer haaa.I hope all goes well on the 21st for Brook.Good luck with the horses over Easter and have a lovely Blessed Easter enjoy your company.Take Care God Bless.

  9. hestiahomeschoolApril 5, 2007 at 4:44 PM

    Oh, I think blue roan is my very favorite color...maybe you should let her accidentally get bred?


    It is so cold here, too, we had to turn the  furnace back on after that terrible storm. It got so cold!

    love, Kas

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  10. What an awful person you are.  Won't even let your mares go out on a date!

  11. My Susie can't have any babies, I took care of that for her. Her favorite place to curl up now is the lawn mower seat. You sure seem to be energetic to keep up with those horses. Paula

  12. hi my name is Kay. I just found your journal today. Am enjoying it and the pictures. Do you still have chickens?

  13. Dinner for TEN? TWELVE???  How is that a holiday for you??!!  Yikes.  Hopefully Winter will have finally given up by then.


  14. Wow Celeste....sounds like you gonna be busy!
    love ya,

  15. Don't tempt me with that cooking of yours, Celeste.  One day I might just jump in the truck and make that 5 to 6 hour drive and surprise you and Pat, LOL.  Happy Easter to you and your family.  I hope you have a great dinner together and no more horse escapes.

  16. We have worked on fences too trying to keep the cows out of the hay fields. I cant belive how cold it is we had snow flurries last night! My youngest kids are all hummped up from the cold.
    I hope you have a great Easter! good luck with your meal.

  17. i am so sick of winter weather!!!


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