Thursday, April 26, 2007

farm week

This has been a week that has been spent on the farm working. Ithas been beautiful all week and I have been busy outside. I have been doing a lot of cutting on the fields. I would like to say I am done but alas I cannot do that. This morning while cutting, the battery went dead on the tractor. I tested the alternator ( it has been replaced several times) but that was not the problem. (Yes I do know how to do that and several other things.... It is called survival because I had hubbies that knew Jack). I suppose it is a broken wire somewhere. that will take more testing. Hopefully I can get Pat to fix it soon so I can finish my work. I did get the front field, the barn field, and the field next to the garden finished.

LOL I got my garden all tilled up! It usually takes me a month to get it done but not this time! I finished it in 1 day! I am thrilled! Yesterday evening Brook and I planted 48 tomato plants and 23 bell pepper plants. I also have a dozen jalapeno plants to plant. I was hoping to get my seed in this morning before the rain hit but I missed on that. Maybe tomorrow. It rained all morning. It was a good rain, the kind that waters plants real good. The garden was so dry that it will probably be plantable tomorrow. I think I will run the tiller again on it. It should go in deeper now that the ground is not so hard! The picture is not the best. It was taken with my phone. that is it for now. Got to get busy with laundry again. It sure piles up fast!

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  1. make me tired just reading everything you do....I look forward to seeing pics of your garden as it grows....wish we could have a vegie garden...but this year just no time or money....thanks for sharing

  2. I guess Georgian tomatoes are good.  Not like Jersey tomatoes (then again, perfection is hard to emulate) but, I'm sure they're edible.

  3. Wow you've been working hard!  You'll have such nice goodies to eat in a few weeks.

  4. Looks like Brook is a good little helper. Happy growing season, paula

  5. You'll have quite a haul come mid and late summer. Brook is lucky to have such a life-as you well know! Margo

  6. Oh, you're making me jealous!  I doubt that we'll have a garden this year, or at least not a big one!

  7. Wow, Darlin'!  There are times I wish I had a plot of land to plant.  Then I realize how hard the work was when I lived on the pastor's ranch in Mexico.  The kids that were big enough to go went to glean the fields with me.  Green beans, squash, cucumbers, tomatos,etc.  Then later we helped to pull hoses.  I  don't think I could even do that now.  I pray blessings over your crops and over your household.  Love, Penny

  8. Wow, Celeste!  The new tiller really has proved itself fast.  I know you are thrilled.  I was impressed with how good that cellphone picture turned out.  I would not have known it was taken with a phone had you not told us.  Good luck tracing the electrical problem on the tractor.  Hopefully it will turn out to be something that can be found and fixed without too much fuss.

  9. i wish we could spend our days out in our garden .like that.  we have very limited space to work with so yes we do get out and plant some things but we do not get to spend a day doing it mre like 10 minutes or so.
    looks great
    have a great weekend

  10. LOL  Bug was just out in ours this evening planting peas for her daddy in between where they hadn't come up good.  So much dirt caked on her jeans I had to spray them off with the water hose!  -  Barbara

  11. I wish I had the room for 48 tomato plants! Good luck on your gardens.


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