Saturday, April 28, 2007

better now

Now that I am through freaking out about my journal messing up and wearing these glasses....

Susie is moving her babies everywhere.After moving them from the box she moved them beside the dresser. Next they went into the bathroom next to laundry basket and bathtub. Now theey are under the sink and she opens a drawer to get to them. If she fit under the closet door I have no doubt that she would move them there.

Last night Brook had another demo. This time it was at the school before the black belt test. She did good except that she did not get to break all her boards. The boy that was holding for her kept moving so that she could not get a good kick in. I got a few good shots though!

I love watching the blackbelt tests. The tea ceremony at the end is so touching.

Sorry this is kind of short. I need to get busy so Pat and I can do something today. Not sure what it is but I will take pictures!


  1. Lovely photos Celeste ~ hope you and Pat have a lovely weekend ~ and I hope those glasses can be adjusted to suit you ~ Ally x

  2. So glad your journal is fixed....I know that would make me nuts....those pictures are wonderful of Brook....
    Our dogs are very picky where they have pups but I do not think they ever move them after having them..Maybe Susie is looking for quiet and privacy...who
    enjoy your day

  3. Hi Celest, it's gg here , glad to hear thing are going well, the pictures of Brook are great, thanks for sharing, some day I will learn how to add pictures I HOPE! gg

  4. Hope you all have an enjoyable day...loved the pix of Brook!  Hugs,TerryAnn

  5. LOL..Susie sounds like my kinda lady...likes to move about!!!  and I am happy to see Celeste is a bit back to her old self...and hope she and Pat do something really nice...she deserves it Pat LOL...hugs from KY...Ora....PS...the pics of Brooke are always a treat!!!

  6. I've never understood (but have always been amused by) mother cats who constantly move their litters to weird places.  When my cat Joan was a kitten, her mother moved her and her siblings into a box that was in the back of my dad's pickup.  He didn't know it and drove to town to vote with kittens in tow!


  7. Celeste
    I loved the pictures!  Brook really is getting good at this sport.  Hope you and Pat had a good Saturday!

  8. Wow, I love the pictures and the determination on Brook's face! I wonder where Susie will move her kittens next!?! Margo

  9. great pictures!  looks like so much fun

  10. I was wondering why I had so many "AOL Journals Entry Alert"s in my inbox.  It's all your fault!!!  LOL!

  11. Susie just cant find a place to settle huh? poor girl!

    Brook looks great, she really does a good job kicking.

  12. really really awesome shots--and a tough little cookie!


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