Tuesday, April 25, 2006

working hard

Been working hard this morning trying to beat the rain that is on its way back here. I still need to finish my tilling in my garden and getting everything in the ground. The 3 inches of rain we had in the past week may or may not have washed out the corn seeds. What the rain did for a fact was make the garden very wet. Not all of it can be tilled today, some of it is still too wet to do anything with. They are calling for rain today and tomorrow.

I bet I looked pretty silly out there. I had on a dress and tennis shoes while tilling! LOL In summertime and spring I tend to run around the house in a dress. It is cooler to me than shorts and definitely cooler than jeans! Today's dress was not what you have pictured in your mind of a farm girl wearing a dress while working. It is turquoise blue and rust colored spandex! It is not tight but it is a bit clingy! LOL.

While I am inside taking a break I think I better get a load of laundry done. See everyone later!

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  1. Hope you beat the rain, and all your work is not washed away!  Jae

  2. Sounds like Green Acres!


  3. I am getting a strange vision of you with this description! LOL!

  4. Ok, Celeste.....I can just picture you in this get-up!
    Don't over-do it now.
    love ya,


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