Saturday, April 22, 2006

rain, garden and other stuff

It is still raining here. It started Wednesday and has not let up. I want to get the rest of my garden in but no dice. At this rate it will take a week of sunshine to dry it out enough to till and seed! According to the forecast I am not going to get that time. They are saying the rain will be back Tuesday after it ends today. I want to plant!!!!

I plan on bringing up the rest of the horse poop pile and putting it in one pile in the big garden. Watermelons will go in that spot! Has anybody ever heard of stacking old tires and filling them with dirt and planting potatoes in it? I remember reading something about that some time ago but I can't remember where. If anybody knows anything about it could they please let me know.

Brook is at her Mama's right now. It sure is quiet around here. I am missing not making my Saturday morning pancakes! Nobody but me to cook for this morning.

Gas here is $2.79 a gallon. That is really hurting us. Pat has been driving his motorcycle to work. This week he had to dive the truck. He is working today on his off day just to pay for the gas he had to use! A man should not have to work 6 days a week just to pay for his gas to get to work! He drives about 300 miles a week round trip.

Heard on the news this morning that because of Iraq being unstable, the price of gas is going higher. There are predictions of $5 a gallon or higher in places like California and $4 a gallon elsewhere. I know there are millions of people that really don't care what the price of gas is but they better start caring. All the city dwellers that do not own cars and rely on public transportation, beware  you are paying for it also. Food prices are rising and the price of other goods are on the increase because guess what, it takes fuel to get your stuff to you. It takes fuel to plant it and harvest it. 

I just might be looking for a buggy for my horse. Grass is cheap.

Today is Earth Day. What are you doing to help Planet Earth?


  1. I have not heard of the tires for potatoes but have heard of making holes in a metal  barrel and putting a layer of dirt and a layer of potatoes and filling it up to the top with layers. I have never tried it though. Whatever you do good luck and hope the ground dries up soon so you can fnish your garden. Helen

  2. I have heard of the tires thing but cannot remember exactly what you do.  Done a bit of gardening today but not as much as I would like and they forecast rain again tomorrow.

  3. I saw gas yesterday here for $2.89. I am sure it will be over $3 by the end of the weekend. It's sad - and it hits the wrong people.


  4. Ive seen those tyres Celeste you have to turn them inside out fill with soil (concrete bottom)  and plant into them ~ I have only seen flowers growing in them outside Gas/Garages  ~ so I expect potatoes would grow ok depending how big the tyre is you are going to use I would think you would a deep one though ~ Ally

  5. Yes, planting potatoes in old tires.  You plant the potatoe in soil with one tire around it.  As the plant grows you put soil to cover all but the tip top of the plant and stack another tire.  You proceed on this way.  The potatoe will make potatoes thru all the soil.  Daddy would always come back with Jenny and throw soil up to the potatoes several times in the rows between planting and harvest.  If  a hard frost is coming, this will save your plants.  -  Barbara

  6. I hadn't heard of planting in tires.  I found this web site that might be of help to you:


  7. Some places, here in NY, are already at 4.19 a gallon.


  8. I went out and fondled a tree!

  9. Hehe...Mort's a pig.  I've been working on a short entry about Earth Day...keep getting pulled away dammit. ;)  C .

  10. Last time I knew gas around here was 3.15...probably gone up since then, we'll see what it is on Friday when I fill up. It always seems to go up when I need a fill and back down a little right after, really makes me mad when it does!

  11. We had rain all week, too.  Gas prices are hitting us hard.  I drive a half hour to work and a half hour back every day.  I need to find something closer!  And the company Thomas works for is effected by the prices because of the equipment they use; also they have to be careful bidding for jobs because they never know what the gas prices may go up to.

  12. I worry to about the prices of gas. It effects alot more than people relize! Its also almost hay season and people dont wont to pay more for hay but it will realy cost this year to bail it.


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