Monday, April 24, 2006

10 good things 4/17/2006-4/23/2006

10 Good things

1. It rained on my newly planted corn seed.

2. It stopped raining.

3. Pat and I went for a bike ride under the stars.

4. We wnt for another ride yesterday and on the way home I spotted the top of his saddlebag that he had lost over 2 weeks ago! And everything was in it! He had some pictures of Brook in it.

5. I am at 173 pounds.

6. I discovered a fat free, sugar free cheesecake made by Jello and it is good!

7. We saved money on gas by riding the motorcycle.

8. Brook has been developing a better attitude.

9. Pat and I are talking more.

10. Pat was told that he is on first shift again this week!


  1. All good things to be thankful for...I am gonna have to check out that cheese cake...maybe the whole family would like it...hugs..TerryAnn

  2. 10 good things Celeste ~ and glad you found that saddlebag ~ Ally

  3. Great list......So you discovered a Cheescake that is sugar free and good? I want it. LOL!
    Thinking....I'm cranky with a cold and cough, so it's not going to be easy thinking of 10 things. May take me a while but you'll never know how long. LOL!

    1) I bought two pairs of shoes online, got a great deal. They arrived five minutes ago. One pair doesn't fit but one does, so the glass is half full. They sent me a return label for the postage. : )
    2) I just watched a movie with my oldest granddaughter. We haven't done that in a while. She's 17, so watching with grandma is no longer "in".....LOL!
    3) My medicine cabinet in the bathroom came crashing off the wall and the mirror broke in a million pieces yesterday. Why is that good? I wasn't standing there at the time. : )
    4) My friend went and got me cough medicine late last night because I couldn't sleep.
    5) I got a decent night's sleep.
    6) Got a nice phone call from my son.
    7) My grandson wanted to take care of me yesterday. He has a cold too but he was worried about me coughing. That was all I needed. His concern. : )
    8) My SIL told me he loved me this morning.
    9) The rain finally stopped this afternoon.
    10) In the mood I'm in, I found nine good things. LOL!


  4. glad you found the saddlebag top...and after so long...what a mystery???  Hugs....Ora

  5. I think you could maybe go for 11 - you had a very good week!



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