Thursday, April 6, 2006

where I'm from


I am from cotton dresses , from Little Debbie Moon Pies and milk bottles on the porch.

I am from the white house with the big plate window that rang loudly when a baseball hit it from a backyard ballgame.

I am from the trees in the woods and the blooming crabapple trees,  mimosa trees, hollyhocks and roses.

I am from Sunday dinners and Monday leftovers and hardheadedness from Louise and Harold and Walter.

I am from the wanderlust and horse lovers.

From don't talk at the table and go outside and play.

I am from the Southern Baptist faith with the no drinking and dancing and yes, there is a hell.

I'm from Georgia with Cherokee, Dane and English thrown in,pot roast and fruitcakes.

From the grandmother who feared her grandchild was dead when she was knocked out from a fall from a crib (that was me), the ball fields where Wally would play Little League.
I am from the time when pictures were taken of the grandchildren not the youngest child that grew up in the middle.
I am from parents raised in the depression, veterans of war. work till you die generation. I am from a warm father and a hard mother. I am from a time of war and a time of free love. I am from an age of change, the Age of Aquarius.


  1. Love it!  And hasn't it just got you thinking and thinking and thinking?

  2. I was HOPING you'd do this!  Isn't it wonderful how ideas flow, once you start?

  3. I've seen these before and I like yours very much. Well done.

    Angela : )

  4. AH i have been told Im going to hell plenty so I should know plenty about hell LOL really nice way to to get to know you though kind of see where you been and boy life has changed since we grew up

  5. Oh yes very nice. Paula

  6. ally123130585918April 7, 2006 at 2:25 AM

    Lovely Celeste ~ I enjoyed reading this ~ Ally

  7. I enjoyed this and it is very well written. It is interesting to explore your roots. Now I am retired I am going to try and research my family tree as I now have the time. Love Connie

  8. Celeste
    I enjoyed reading about your roots here.  Glad your neighbor came over to help you disc your garden.  Good neighbors are precious, indeed.  Sorry I've been absent so long.  

  9. No wonder we have so much in common!  ;o) -  Barbara

  10. What a really nice entry Celeste! :o)

    Sandra xxxx

  11. Wow.  These are all giving me chills.  This assignment has been one of my favs so far.  I've been working on mine. ;)  C.

  12. I like this good writing!

  13. HEY...I think I am from there too...LOL   just catching up on some of your entries...Glad that you survived the bad the barn got damage...stay safe...TerryAnn.


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