Monday, April 17, 2006

10 good things 4/10/2006-4/16/2006

Ten Good things

1. Pat helped me make up the bed, TWICE!

2. Got a lot of tilling done in garden.

3. Small garden has tomato plants, lettuce, and brussel sprouts planted in it now.

4. The weather has been beautiful.

5. Had the family and 4 unexpected guests for Easter dinner and had plenty to eat,

6. We saved money on gas this week. Pat rode his motorcycle 4 of 5 days to work.

7. My family went to church with me.

8. Pat complimented me on the house getting cleaner.

9. Belle stayed home this week.

10. Brook's attitude has been better.




  1. Sounds good to me. Helen

  2. All good things ~ lovely ~ Ally

  3. I like your list. I always like this because it reminds me of the good of the past week and I don't take it for granted.

    1) I think I told you I found an Elvis song I never heard before on my last list. Well, update: I didn't know how to get it, so I emailed the webmaster in charge of the website that I heard it on and he told me where to get it, but even better than that, he sent me the song via email. This is a website Graceland sponsors, so that was so sweet and kind.
    2) I was able to buy my oldest granddaughter her senior prom dress. What a thrill. Something I hope she always remembers after I'm long gone. : )
    3) The family had a wonderful Easter dinner. Lots of talking and laughing. : )
    4) The Easter Bunny brought me a bowl of jelly beans and other candies.
    5) I didn't have a backache once last week. Yahoooooo!
    6) I got new shoes for summer.
    7) My grandson gave me special hugs and kisses on Easter. He's the best hugger in the world.
    8) I watched "Jesus of Nazareth" on Good Friday. I've seen it a lot (have the videos) but this time it was on my daughter's big screen TV.
    9) Was able to pursuade a family to heal a bit.
    10) Gave my 5 year-old granddaughter a shower and she said it was the gentlest shower she ever took. LOL! (She likes tubs and is afraid of shower water normally).

  4. I like the ten good things you have been posting it helps to keep a positive aditude. It makes me think about the good things in my week

  5. And some people think there are no longer any miracles.  WHy you had four in just one week!!!  A hubby that made a bed...not just once, but twice.  A man that noticed what you had done in the home and actually complimented you.  And a horse that managed to stay out of trouble!  ;o)   -  Barbara

  6. Ten good things to be thankful for...Glad to see you are doing well.  TerryAnn.

  7. Good things?  These look like GREAT things, LOL!

  8. Looks like the garden is really taking off!  I don't grow place in the yard with enough sun.  And our soil stinks.  But your brussels sprouts sure sound good!  Lisa  :-]

  9. Yay for good things!


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