Thursday, April 20, 2006


It is that time of the year again. I have been working steady in my garden trying to get it ready for planting. The tiller I have is a front tine tiller. Anybody who has ever tilled a garden knows how those will just beat you to death! My small garden is 6 feet by 20 feet. I have it is tilled now after hauling several heavy wheelbarrels full of composted horse poop and have already planted in it. I have tomato plants, lettuce, and brussel sprouts already in it. I am looking for some pepper plants to get in it too. I am not sure of what else I  will put in it. LOL I just follow my whims there.
The big garden is about 50 feet by 100 feet. I am not really sure. I have never measured it. It takes a lot of tilling to get it done. Long hours of work involved in getting this garden ready. I have my corn planted now. I got it in Tuesday evening. I planted Silver Queen, a white sweet corn. I have pole beans, Kentucky Wonder, and Silver eye crowder peas to plant. I also have watermelon, squash and okra to put I can't wait to eat some fresh produce! LOL To make Pat happy I will plant some pumpkins. They never do good for me though.
It rained yesterday. A much needed rain but I sure do wish it had waited until my beans were in. I am glad the corn was in. Rain is much better for the garden than tap water! 

 That is it for now. Don't forget to pray for Donna's husband Cliff. He is in surgery right now.


  1. It sounds exciting but hard work too. May God bless your garden with lots of vegies!

  2. Dang, I can smell the earth and taste the goods!  Kentucky wonders are the best! -  Barbara

  3. good luck with the garden

  4. Celeste
    I've been beaten by one of those front tyned tillers before.  My hat's off to you for enduring this each spring, LOL!  The gartden sounds great.  I love Silver Queen corn!  I hope your garden provedes a bumper crop of everything this year.

  5. Oh hon!  I can't even get mine started!  NOTHING is in this year (my first garden at this house).  I haven't even put in any flowers! ;)  C.

  6. Good luck with the garden - when should we all be there for our share?


  7. Hi Celeste,
    Have you ever heard of Cherry Peppers? I had one the other night when sue and david took me out to eat and it was so good! It was not very hot at all, but had a delicious flavor!
    I love everyting that u have in your gardens! Wish I had enough sun and room for that silver queen corn and purple hull peas!


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