Friday, February 10, 2006

weight, muscles, ect

I have been working on my weight trying to lose some of it. I really don't care where it goes as long as it goes. It is not coming off of my real fast. I am at 181 this morning for a loss of 5 pounds since January 1. Not real good but at least it is a loss not a gain! My sugar has been up and down, most times under 130 but a few times it shot up. I don't like that. I am going to have to monitor more carefully what I am eating to see what foods is causing it to do so. It is possible that I will have to get my medicine adjusted.

The last 2 weeks when I have been taking Brook to Tae Kwon Do has been real fun, I think. LOL No it has been. Mrs. Lee has been getting us mothers out on the floor and doing meditation and stretching exercises with us. These stretching exercises are unlike any I have ever done before! They give you a workout that you don't realize you are getting.(especially if you are an overweight, out of shape person like I am!)I have been stretching muscles I did not even know I had! These sections have lasted anywhere from 20-45 minutes. the section last night left me really sore. We did one thing where we stood up and spread our legs that bent our knees. Keeping our back straight we then proceeded to punch 100 times. Then we did some breathing exercises to relax and then to our massage! Yes, that is right, a massage! It really feels good to get one after doing the workout. Last night I woke up in PAIN! My legs were screaming and my chest felt like an elephant was sitting on it. The muscles on my sternum were sore big time! They were bunching up and pulling my shoulders inward which only made things worse! I finally found a way to lay in the bed and everything settled down. I am okay now, they are not hurting anymore. Well.... my legs are still hurting but my chest is not. Am I going to do it again? Yes. She wants us to punch like that everyday. I am going to try to do what she has been teaching us. It is easier doing it with someone but I guess I can do it alone. Maybe Brook will do it with me.

Cold this morning. 23 degrees right now. It is only expected to get to 40 today. They are calling for a major winter storm for us starting tonight. Remember I am in Georgia, any snow is a major storm! LOL So today I have to do the Southern thing and head to the grocery store! LOL I think it is so funny how when snow is predicted everyone heads to the store and strips the shelves! Normally I do not do that, but I really need to do some shopping! I am out of everything except TP.

Today is Grandparents day at Brook's school. I will be going there pretty soon. I will probably check Brook out after that and take her to the doctor. She cannot seem to shake this cough and congestion she has. Her chest is starting to hurt from all the coughing. It has been going on for a week now.

I am out of here now. Gonna read a few journals and whatnots. I have been reading yall journals. Sorry if I have not been commenting much lately. I have been trying to not be on the computer as much. I have so much to do around here, trying to get things in my world straightened up and clean. I have let some things go way too long.


  1. Seems like I average about a pound of weight loss a week.  But at least I'm not starving to death.

  2. tahts good you dont gain by not loosing so to speak inohter words you lost so you gained. your doing okay dont expect to to fall off at our age it wont!!!!!!! ugh yuck nasty. exercise will help but sure makes you feel your age lol heck we been having 11 degrees and yes that snow is hitting us today here in ky well tonight they say

  3. That is called the horse stance. It's good for you. In time you will be able to get in that position and hold it for a long time. The punching helps keep your mind off the fact that your thighs are trying to scream at you. I used to teach judo, and also took several kinds of karate and also aikido. Tai chi is more slow and gentle, so you might want to look into that. It is a martial art, but done slowly, like a careful dance.

    In no time at all you will laugh at how you feel now, the stiffness and all - you will wonder how it was ever that hard for you to do, lol.

    Losing 5 lbs a month means 60 pounds a year - and that is very impressive! I think you are doing great! 3 lbs a month is still almost 35 lbs a year. That year will go by either way, and it looks like you are taking advantage of it in a good way.


  4. Good job on the weight loss!  I agree with suzy; in a year, that weight loss will be a huge amount!  I think that workout is great.  JAE

  5. hey 5 bls is great and when you are turning fat to muscle , muscle weighs more than fat. Thats why it seems slow.

  6. Soon I'll be seeing you at the gym next to me! Great job!

  7. Ok...I bet you anything they haven't told you to drink LOADS of water after a massage...right?  Any time you stretch, or get a massage you should drink full glasses of water for the rest of the day.  When our muscles are massaged, toxins are released and we need to flush them.  The pain you are experiencing is the impurities settling back in. ;)  C.


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