Monday, February 6, 2006

a bit more

The kids got out of school early today. They jumped the gun a bit if you ask me. No snow or ice just rain slick roads. Yes it did snow but at 10 it was rain and at 11 there was nothing there but rain. Right before 2 o'clock Brook comes walking in the door. Good thing she wore her heavy coat and hat today! I did not know that that school was let out. No announcement or anything just here comes the kids. Lucky for Brook we were home. In fact we had just gotten home about 15 minutes before she did. Pat and I had gone to the feed store to get some horse feed. What would she have done if no one had been there?

On to the next subject. I have a rooster. He is a friendly rooster. Good thing because the hens are not! He was given to me so I really had no choice in the kind I got. He is a pretty thing though. Poor thing had spent all of his first year of life in a cage by himself. He was raised to be a fighting rooster but apparently he failed the test for fighters. Lucky for him. That means he gets to live. I left him in his cage for a few days next to the cats so everybody can see each other and get used to one another. Isn't he a pretty boy?

Now here is the next newest member of our family. We are calling him Big Daddy. He is a big yellow tom cat that just showed up here. Susie must know him intimately because her last set of babies has a baby that looks just like him! This cat had to of been taken care of. No cat living on his own would ever get that fat! It is not just fur this big boy is heavy! He really likes Pat. Pat likes him too! We think that his owners must have moved and left him. Maybe they were moving to a place that would not take cats. No excuse. They could have found a home for him. It is possible that he is just catting around and  is now making 2 places home! LOL


So that is it for now. Need to get busy figuring out something for dinner before Tae Kwon Do.


  1. love that big ole furry kitty

  2. I guess I am farm stupid...I had no idea roosters had so much color!  That is a BIG cat...JAE

  3. he is very pretty!

  4. pretty rooster. I hope he is not mean. I get them sometimes that will flog you! I get rid of them real fast. If he has lived in a cage he will like it there with the hens!
    Pretty cat maybe he is just catting
    But they are left all the time peoplr think they can take care of themself

  5. Hi Celeste. Awesome pics and yep, they are both beautiful! I love raising chickens. Hope the hens like him too. :)


  6. Love the rooster.  And he is pretty.Congrats on the new family member.  Wow Tae Kwon Do.  You are so busy.  TerryAnn.

  7. Wow...that rooster looks like "show time" stuff....very pretty...and Big the name...and the cat....I have a dog Max....but really am a cat person....Hugs from KY....Ora

  8. There was a "Simpsons" episode about that. Snowball was getting fat because she had two families. Then the kids started going to the other family. It was cute.

    That sure is one pretty cock! ROFLMGAO!

  9. Unlike Mort, I'll just say your rooster and cat are nice looking animals. (Things you gotta do when you're a "pillow" of society) rich

  10. What did you name the rooster.  He is a very pretty boy.

  11. Beautiful rooster!  And cat.  We had a neighbor cat that fathered two litters of kittens with one of our cats when I was a kid.  He used to come around and play with them!


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