Friday, February 10, 2006

That last piece

A few people have asked if I thought I do have a melancholic temperment. Truth is I do. The world goes too fast and I find life at home just fine. Yep, I do tend to brood about things. My thoughts get very dark at times. I try to shake them off and most times I succeed in doing so. Yep I am a soft hearted daydream. Silence is wonderful. I love to read a book, watch a movie or a soap opera and cry. They can be tears of happiness or sadness, but the tears flow everyday for some reason or another. Not only the tears but the laughter does also. To me it is a good outlet for my emotions. There have been days in my life, no years in my life, when I did not cry or laugh. The past almost 2 years of writing in my journal has been a wonderful time for me. I have met some wonderful people and been invited into their lives. I have cried and laughed, been angry, hurt and just everything. Yes, I am still a melancholic soul, but I am not longer lonely on top of that.


  1. Celeste
    To be able to have an outlet for your emotions is important.  The sense of community here is so strong and yes, there are so many great people here in J-Land it is hard to feel lonely now that we are a part of this.  I share that same feeling.

  2. One of the benefits of journaling for me is that feeling or sense of community.  Having a handful (or two) of friends right there for you when you need them and being able to be right there for them when they need you has also been good for me.  An entry I wrote probably about a year ago now talks about how I hadn't realized that with all I have in my life, I was lonely.  I am still somewhat surprised that writing in my journal and reading others has taken the feeling away.

  3. I think the melancholic fit me much better than mine it gave it

  4. I like to be at home and read, too. I love the silence. When my cat purrs, I want to hear it. I can also relate to melancholy, but for some reason I don't ever cry at movies.


  5. It's better than being a high colonic! LOL!

  6. OMG...that luvmort!  LMAO!...what a hoot!  I took that test too and was described as melancholic...which I can be....but in a wistful/dreamy way...not necessarily dark.  For me dark is when my kiddies and I have had a REALLY bad day...oy vay. ;)  C.

  7. Celeste,
    How did you know???  You wrote about me.  Yes, I related to every word.  I read myself in your lines.  I am amazed.  "A melancholic temperment."  It sounds so lovely...  and here I thought I was depressed.  I'm not depressed, I'm melancholic.  Well, darn.  Do I have to change my screen name now - to MelanieColik, perhaps?
    Thanks for this...  seriously.
    Soda (aka "Melanie" now)


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