Monday, February 6, 2006

update on Pam

I copied this from Pam's comment section.

Hey there :-)

I spoke with Pam today for a while.. she's having trouble with her
computer - can't get it to start up, etc. and isn't able to think
clearly at all right now to figure it out. So, until a tall, dark and
geeky caped computer tech shows up to save the day, I don't think Pam
will be back online herself for a bit.

I have created a yahoo group where i'll be posting updates daily after
I talk to the home team. I don't want to hijack Pam's comment space
permanently. Either go to and join, or e-mail me, and I'll add you.

I've let her know how many people are missing her and thinking of her, and praying for her... and we appreciate your love for her as well. She's an amazing woman. And y'all are amazing friends.

Comment from lissalapin - 05/02/06 06:18


  1. Thats good news Celeste I am glad we are getting News of Pam - have been many others have....Ally

  2. Thanks for sharing the info

  3. I saw that, too!  What a releif to know she is doing well, huh?  Thanks for posting this!  JAE

  4. Thank you Celeste. I was just over at her journal yesterday and thinking she must be very ill since she hadn't updated. I'm glad it's just the computer.



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