Friday, February 24, 2006

After doing a bit of research, I believe that he is an Italian Greyhound(Thanks Lori). He weighs 10 pounds and is about 14 inches at the shoulders. Right now I am trying out the name Scampi. He has finally barked! Pat called and I do believe that he heard his voice!


  1. Hi Celeste,  I think that maybe he is crossed with an Italian greyhound because there used to be one living near by. Scampi`s very similar but is slightly bigger with a thicker coat..  They are exactly the same as ordinary greyhounds but much smaller.  I`m pleased that you`re going to keep him though I can`t for the life of me understand how he could have been left all alone like that.  Thank goodness Pat saw him. :o)

    Sandra xxxx

  2. that name seems to

  3. Scampi lovely name - you certainly have taken into your hearts....You are lovely people......Ally

  4. This will be your most special baby ever, I bet!


  5. Awwww, he is adorable and I love the name!! We have an IG mix and they are wonderful dogs!!!


  6. they are sweeet dogs. yeah they never weigh much . wow cute scamp for short for scampi lol how cute. you will love this dog like crazy


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