Thursday, September 27, 2007

The wedding day

Saturday started and ended on a beautiful note. First thing I did was get up and walk the boardwalk and then the beach. Remember I am a 6 o'clock riser no matter how hard I try to sleep in. The boardwalk was basically deserted which suited me fine. Walking by one bench I noted what could possibly be a homeless person, or a drunk, or both... The birds were busy as the sun came up. Swooping down on the beach and to the water, going about their business regardless of what was going on in the world. It mattered not to them that there was a war in Iraq or a wedding in a church.

On my way back I walked the beach. Walking in sand is different. You use muscles in your legs that you did not know you had. Soon I headed to the waterline. The walking was easier and every once in awhile the waves would come up and cover my feet. When that happened the beach would leave my feet stranded. The sand was being reclaimed by the ocean, calling it home to the deep. Once I got back to the beach in front of our motel I worked on my bo staff forms. I did not have my staff with me but I could do the movements. It was still early and there were few people on the beach. To my right was a man doing some martial arts forms also. It is not easy in the sand as it does slow down the spins somewhat. After that I headed in to eat. I had really worked up an appetite! Breakfast was good. I like having someone cook for me.  I hopped in the shower to get ready for the big day.

We made it to the church barely before the qwedding party started down the aisle. I honestly did not expect to make it.

The wedding was beautiful. The girls had long green strapless dresses, a pretty green, not yucky pea soup green, lol. The bouquets were all made with fall flowers. Arrangements in the church were also fall flowers.

After the ceremony pictures were made and then off to the reception.

WOW what a reception. You like raw fish? We had it. Meat? It was there. Potatoes? Served in a wine glass, sundae style. Open bar? Yep It was there. Everything was there. There was lots of dancing and happy people. Lots of drinking, and happy people. Lots of eating, and happy people. LOL. Everyone was there to celebrate 2 wonderful people. People flew in from California and Canada and I don't know where else. Happy people everywhere getting happier by the second. Yes I got happy too. LOL

After awhile my niece and I headed back to the room and the party was still going strong.

It was a really good day.



  1. Glad everyone was happy. Sounds nice. Like the bride's dress. Paula

  2. the pictures were beautiful---thanks for sharing the description of your walk (I could vision it) and the pics....

  3. Beautiful bride and handsome groom and I'm very glad you enjoyed your weekend away!

  4. What a beautiful wedding party!  I'm glad you enjoyed your trip.

  5. what wonderful pics....and everyone sure seemed to be having a good time....God Bless the happy couple!!!!  hugs...Ora of KY

  6. I love to do Tai Chi outdoors...the forms center me and move me to a place I cannot reach otherwise.

    Your entries are much more introspective lately.


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