Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I just read an article about a plus size model that is a size 10. First of all that made me mad. 10 is NOT plus size! I got over that part when I started reading the comments. NOW THAT is what really ticked me off. Click here for the article.

I am a plus size. Yep I am fat, heavy, plump, curvy, whatever you wish to call me. Look for the comment by lisajoy1960. This really made my blood boil.

LisaJoy1960 can kiss my arse.



  1. If size 10 is plus, boy am I am a blimp at size 14 and you know what I don't care. When I had a 22 inch waist and weighed 95# I was anemic all time and that doesn't feel good. Its terrible what they are putting into the heads of our young people. I'm with you Celeste. Paula

  2. I can see why you are so steamed!  The comment from Fit2007 wasn't much better.  I think the model looks very nice, and have never considered size 10 as being plus-sized!

  3. This makes me so sad.......When are we going to learn that it is not the cover of the book that matters, but it is what is on the inside??? Who cares if someone is a size 0 or a size 40 as long as they are a good and decent person?
    love ya,

  4. Lisa or what ever her name is doesn't sound like someone I would care to spend to much time with....but she sure does love herself doesn't she....???? LOL....as for our size etc...we all do what we can....and I don't care if you are fat, curvy, large, chunky,....I think you are a very nice person LOLOL...hugs from KY...Ora


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