Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Old habits

Old habits do die hard. By choice I am lazy. I hate cleaning. I enjoy sitting here in front of my computer. The lazy habit I really must break. I took a day off from doing laundry and wam! I am overrun again because one day off lead to another and another. I am back at it again. I have to install good habits now. I know I can do it. Even as we speak, I have a load in the washer and one in the dryer.

I am going to add another habit to do. This one will make Flylady happy. I am going to have my sink cleaned out every night before bed. I just don't understand HOW it can get so messy when I do not cook every day! I swear there are goblins in this house.

My problem is, I do not see the mess until it becomes overwhelming. When that happens I do not want to touch it because it IS overwhelming. I did not used to be that way. My room was clean when I was younger because I kept it that way. When I was married to my first husband I used to keep the house clean. That might be why I am the way I am now, or at least part of it. I HAD to iron the sheets on the bed, even t shirts and underwear had to be ironed! He would do a dust test. We lived in a desert! There was dust! Glad I am not in that relationship anymore, in more ways than one. It was a very abusive relationship.

So anyway, I have to break old habits and create new ones for the sake of my relationship now and for me. I clean but I just move it around. I have to clean it up for good not just move it to another room or another pile. I keep hauling stuff out and yet it does not get smaller. Paper is a biggie for me. I need to go straight to the paper shredder with the mail. I also need to keep vigilant on shredding all the piles of paper I have created. Ok so I will add 2 new habits.

New habits: wash a load a day, write in journal, clean sink out every night, shred mail daily.



  1. Iron the sheets?? isn't that against the law??

  2. I'm impressed. I might be able to take on one new habit, but never four! i think I outlaze you in everyway, because I've never ironed a sheet. But I didn't have an abusive husband either. I'm sorry you did. Love, margo

  3. It's really the only way to go 'guilt free' on the computer ... I'm not laughing at you, but I'm chuckling.  I am a nitpicker about the house, but have learned that it will all be there tomorrow and that's what caused me some household problems.  Sometimes it's just finding a happy medium.  :)

  4. Don't shred, just bag that up and get rid of it!  
    I'm lazy too but, who cares.  

  5. I can so relate to everything you say here!  I've been "shining my sink" every night lately.  Isn't it amazing how nice that really does make you feel?

  6. Laundry multilplies like rabbits.  And one dish in the sink + one cup  in the sink = an overflowing sink.  Mathematians cannot explain it.  It defies logic and all known laws.  -  Barbara

  7. maybe you and I could be a support for each other? My house is also out of control, and it is steadily getting worse. Even ith Flylady, because I ignore her a lot...


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