Wednesday, September 5, 2007

trip on motorcycle


Ok I just had to do it. So shoot me. LOL

We are back and we had a great time except for the food posioning. Lucky for us it was mild.

Our trip started on a cool note. The weather was perfect for a long ride.  We took the back roads to Cornelia Georgia which was to be our starting point for any rides we were to take. We took a side trip to Carter's Lake but never made it down to the water. State parks charge a parking fee and we just did not feel like paying it just to ride by the water! Besides, from what we could see , the water was low. On we went until we ended up in Elijay, Georgia, self proclaimed Apple Capital. Maybe at one time it was. I remember lots of apple groves there when I was a child. It seems the drought has really hurt the apple crops this year. We ate lunch at a small country style restaurant, that I do not recommend. It had instant mashed potatoes! Yuck! After a short rest off we went.

Next stop was Dahlonega, home of the nation's first gold rush. That is righ,t here in Georgia, years before California's gold rush! We stopped at The Consolidated Gold MInes and did a little bit of panning for gold. Got some color too! I could never make a miner. First I am too tall, second it is back breaking work!(and I am lazy!)

Ok that's it for now.


  1. Sounds like you had a nice weekend. I am sooo glad. Riding bikes looks like such fun, but I am a big chicken.

  2. So you are cruelly feeding our motorcycle addiction, right?  LOL.

  3. Still sounds like fun, despite the bad food and aching back. I think one just feels freeer on a motorcycle than on any other mode of transportation. Margo

  4. The poll on my journal is super-slow to load, and about half the time won't load at all.  Bummer.

  5. ok what new feature???????????

  6. I had no idea Georgia was the first gold rush. See ya learn something new each day.

  7. I was going to vote "no" on your poll but, then I thought, that is actually a "yes" since I actually voted.  But, my answer is no so I wasn't sure what to do.  Okay, it's too early for all this!
    A "country style restaurant" that serves instant.  They should be burned down!  LOL!

  8. It sounds like fun! The drought here is so bad hay is going for over eight dollars a bale!

  9. I voted yes on using the new poll feature!  And yes, I knew it existed, LOL.

    Krissy :)


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