Thursday, September 20, 2007

short time

This week has been a whirlwind week. I have been trying to get me ready and my house ready for my trip out of town. Today is the day that all must be done. I still have so  much to do. I have nothing packed yet! YIKES!

The perm is horrible. The perm on top of my head fell out so it was redone. In turn that fell out also. So now I have double processed hair, half curls half straight and that means no color. My hair was already falling out due to an imbalanced thyroid. So now I will be curling m hair to make it look like something. I will try to get a picture of that. I am always reluctant to take pictures of myself. I hate having the camera pointed at me.

So anyway I leave at 3 am for Atlanta to board a flight at 8 am to Newport News, Virginia where I will be getting a car to drive to Virginia Beach, Virginia. (Good thing my Composition teacher is not around! He would be having a hissy fit about that sentence!) Once there I will get some much needed rest before the rehersal dinner  Friday evening. Saturday is the wedding at some big church and the reception will be on the naval base there. Sunday is a brunch with the 2 families and then, I will be home. 3 days of dresses and heels, oh my aching feet and back!

Ok time to get off here. I have work to do and short short is my time!



  1. Have a wonderful, safe trip and enjoy the wedding!  

  2. I am sorry about your hair. I really feel your frustration. Hope the weekend is fun as well as busy, and you can enjoy yourself despit the heels! Margo

  3. sorry your hair took a wrong turn with the perms.  i am sure you will look beautiful anyway.  have a great time in va

  4. Have you considered a hat?  LOL!

  5. Celeste sorry your hair didn't take ~ but I know you will look lovely in your Dresses and High heels :o) hope you have a lovely time at the Wedding and a safe journey there and back home ~ Ally x

  6. Hoping your trip is a safe and enjoyable one!  - barbara

  7. Wishing you much luck and happiness on your trip!!!
    love ya,

  8. oh Celeste....take a good book...for the in between above all have a wonderful week end...sounds so exciting...wish I was going with you LOL...hugs and God Bless...Ora of KY

  9. I look forward to hearing about your trip.


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