Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Friday of the wedding trip

Friday I boarded the shuttle bus at 3 AM after being up for 21 hours. I thought to myself that I would catch a little bit of shut eye before getting to the airport in Atlanta. It was not to be. The van swayed and bumped as the driver ran over the little bumpies the DOT put in the stripes on the road. It continuously gave me the sensation that it was going to topple over. At one time I was able to see the speedometer and we were going 85 in a 55 mph zone IN THE RAIN! Needless to say, no sleep for me. At about a quarter to 5 we pulled into the airport and I disembarked from that horrible van. I did not tip the driver when he handed me my bag. I was thanking my stars that I did not have to be on it a second longer!

Into the airport I go and I get my boarding pass and seat assignment. I checked my bag as I did not wish to go thru the crap you go thru just to carry a bag on board. I had my pocketbook , my wallet, a book and a pen. None of the restaurants are open yet that have any decent food so I wait  a bit longer. I have 2 1/2 hours to go until my plane leaves. Finally my niece gets there and we head thru security. Such a fun place to go thru now. Everything goes into a bucket including your shoes.  Now I do not know how I am suppose to conceal a bomb in my sandals! Finally we get to our plane and board it. I get the window seat which suited me just fine. What did not suit me was I was also in the last seat on the plane, you know, the one in the back that does not recline. We are leaving on time, 26 hours awake. An hour and half later we arrive in Newport News Virginia ahead of schedule by a few minutes. It was a small airport and we received our bags rather fast. There were only two consoles for luggage. This was not an airport you could get lost in. We opted to go to Newport News because it was about $400 cheaper than going to Virginia Beach airport! We got out rental car and headed to Virginia Beach. I was excited. I had only been there one time before when I was younger. Virginia Beach was the first and only time I had ever seen the ocean and I was going to see it again! I am like a kid when it comes to traveling. Everything is a wonder to me even if I have been there before. I always find something new to see.

We drove until the interstate ended. Then we drove some more until the only place we could get to driving east was in the ocean! LOL We had reservations at a beachfront hotel. upon arrival there we find that our room was not ready and that check in was not until 4 PM! That would not do! We wanted to catch some shuteye before going to the rehearsal dinner. We took our baggage up to my sister's room and headed out to eat. It was lunch time and we were hungry! By the time we got back our room was ready and we headed to it. 31 hours awake now, I am getting numb. Once in the room we unpack and I fall on the bed. I get about an hour and half of sleep and that is it for me. I wake up and could not get that other 2 hours I could have. I decided to just take my time and get ready.

We finally head to the dinner which is at a rib place called Frankie's Place for Ribs.Everything went well there. There was a large number of people there for the wedding. Lots of toasts, lots of food lots of laughs and fun for a good everning. After a while we head back to the room for some serious sleep.


    LOVE YA,

  2. Hi Celeste I hope you have caught up with some serious sleep ~ 31 hours without sleep I don't know how you kept standing up ~ The wedding sounded like everyone had a good time  ~ Ally x

  3. Wow sounds like quite a whirl wind without sleep. Hope they let you sleep a lot when you got home. Paula


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