Monday, September 10, 2007

I must extend apologies to all of you. I opened up my Newsgator this morning and found I had over 800 entries to read. The thought of reading all of them became over whelming. I deleted them shortly after starting to try to read them. Please if I missed something that I really do need to know about(birth, death, ect.) please let me know by sending me an email or leaving a link in my comment section on this entry.

Catch up a bit here.

Friday we took Crystal to have her ultrasound done. No baby. I am disappointed but not overly so. We will now wait until Spring and try again.

Saturday was Brook's birthday. She got lots of clothes, moon sand and something Bratz. She also go a new saddle! bet you can guess who got that for her.LOL

Time to go. Class starts soon.



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  1. We all get overwhelmed with alerts from time to time.  Don't sweat it.  Glad Brook had a good birthday!  -  Barbara

  2. Glad Brook enjoyed her birthday! LOVE THAT SADDLE!  

  3. I'm so sorry there's no baby.  Hopefully Spring will be better.
    Love the purple on that saddle; SNAZZY!!

  4. No need to apologize for being overwhelmed. Many of us feel that way from time to time and delete what is impossible to read. I am sorry about no baby, abd glad Brook had a good birthday! Love, Margo

  5. i love the saddle!  better luck next time crystal

  6. That's some saddle!

    Oh, nothing important going on in my life.  Nothing at all.  Just getting thrown out of my penthouse.  Don't bother reading.  No biggie.  

  7. Happy belated birthday Brook hope you had a lovely day ~ just love your New Saddle ~  
    Celeste sorry to hear Crystal isn't pregnant hope you have better luck come Spring ~  Ally x

  8. so sorry you have no baby


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